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What Makes JOLEADO Stronger Than Typical Live Chat Systems?

JOLEADO Live Chat empowers your sales and call center teams using its cutting edge technology and customer driven service features.

JOLEADO is different because there are no “off-hours” – we use proprietary technology to push forms/coupons/appointments and even commerce, directly from a JOLEADO experience! Think of how much business is lost because your agents go home at night!
JOLEADO capitalizes on the offline or off-duty experience.

Your live chat features are all there, triggers, customer ratings, embedded video, ban IP, chat history and more but what is different and available are JOLEADO’s hybrid system including online forms, scheduling appointments, promotional incentives and even commerce – all through the JOLEADO live chat experience. What this means is agents can convert inside the live chat experience!

These strategies are especially effective during off hours as live chat transforms when offline into a very effective lead generator.

NEW! WordPress Plugin Now Available!

Our new plugin for WordPress allows for the easiest implementation of the JOLEADO Chat system to date! It is a powerful yet unbelievably simple way to start conversing and converting website visitors into happy customers!

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Available With Every Plan

  • On/Off Duty Reps

  • Session Ratings

  • Internal Notes to Chat

  • File Transfer and Transcripts

  • Analytics/Tracking

  • Customizable Greetings

  • Browser Verification

  • Re-assign Rep

  • Custom Skin Options

  • Link/Image or Hover

Upgrade Options

  • Flexible Field Setup

  • Form/Coupon Strategies

  • Lead Management or full-service CRM

  • Live Calendar Scheduling

  • Developer Friendly API

How We Can Help?

The problem we set out to solve is integrating live chat into your corporate strategy. We do this by integrating robust back office features into the chat experience and then automating these features when agents are unavailable or offline.

JOLEADO = Results!

The JOLEADO System drives conversions, customer service, and to your overall bottom-line using a unique tool-set not available in the competitive live chat market.

A Different Approach!

JOLEADO can be as much or as little of your integrated sales and marketing strategy as you desire. Because JOLEADO is a team of business strategists providing robust alternatives, we understand there is no better software than software people actually use. We strive to adopt and evolve with each customer experience.

Getting Started

We recommend growing into the JOLEADO System. Begin with our Corporate Chat package, then turn on features as you see fit. We work to grow with your business as each success transforms into an opportunity to increase your return on investment.