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17 Ways To Get Back In Touch With Old Clients Without Seeming ‘Salesy’

July 30th, 2016IN Blog, Lead generation, live chat by

As a business owner, or sales manager, you know that it is much easier (and cheaper) to re-activate an old client than it is to get a new one.

However, you don’t want to just send a bunch of ‘salesy’ emails that make it seem like you’re begging for work!

The goal of the first email to an old client should never be to sell them or ‘win back their business’ instead you simply want to get a response and from there open the door to a discussion about working together again.

Let’s discuss the 17 Best ways to get back in touch with old clients WITHOUT seeming ‘salesy’…

  1. Each morning spend time drinking coffee scanning their LinkedIn account for new connections, alawys congratulate them on new positions or jobs. Be curious about projects they are engaged in. It is important to watch their groups and discover their interest.
  2. Send them an interesting article. Another great way to get back in contact with an old customer is to send them an interesting article about their industry or business.
  3. Contact them at the RIGHT time. A great way to know when to contact old clients is through analyzing their previous history and transactions. If an old client always made a purchase in June, the end of May is the right time to reach out.
  4. Send a message about something that reminded you of them. If your client loves cats, a funny cat meme or pictures are a great way to open a dialogue.
  5. Offer a free gift. Another great way to re-activate an old client is through sending a free gift.
  6. Mention a mutual contact. You can use a connection through someone you both know as an excuse to contact a client by saying ‘ I was just talking to Scott and your name came up, so I thought I’d say hi. I’d love to catch up sometime!’
  7. Tell them you were thinking about them. A simple message saying hello and letting the client know they crossed your mind and you wanted to see how they and their family are doing is extremely effective.
  8. Use social media, but never ask them to like your facebook page – that is way overdone. Give them reason to like you content instead -they will, if you are engaging enough. ‘One of the easiest and least intrusive ways to contact old clients is through social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.’
  9. Mention some new product or service. Add value to the client by mentioning a new beneficial service you offer.
  10. Offer them an interesting idea or service that is unrelated to your business, but will interest them with theirs.
  11. Don’t be afraid to send more than 1 message. A study by Returnpath showed 45% of users who didn’t read the first email, read subsequent messages.
  12. Spread your messages out. The average length of time between when people received a reactivation email and when they read a subsequent message was 57 days with 75% clicking within 89 days.
  13. Don’t use an overly emotional message. There was no difference in read rates for emotional subject lines like ‘ We Miss You.’
  14. Offer a $ discount. Subjects with $ off in the subject line were nearly twice as effective as others.
  15. Call them. A quick friendly phone conversation is a great way to reach out.
  16. Ask them to opt out. Interestingly the 3rd best performing subject line according to a report by Experian was ‘We hate spam too, let us know if you want to stay on file’
  17. Tell them about new changes. Letting old clients know you’ve changed something about your business is a great way to re-engage.

You now know everything you need to know to start emailing and winning back old clients today!

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