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JOLEADO is a diverse front and back-office software suite for businesses large and small.  Our customers range from running their entire business on JOLEADO, others only use the application for live chat and integrate to an existing Lead Management Suite or CRM.  In this article we will focus on the Live Chat component – a single line of code that is inputted into you existing website or intranet or even affiliate website that works like a front office to your entire business.

Live Chat is a proven conversion tool.  The metrics are strong, 48% more conversions occur when live chat is offered.  What JOLEADO offers that is different is generate not only the real-time communication with an agent but also the real-time practical function of booking appointments, filling out applications of online forms, providing incentives and even checking out – right inside the live chat experience, right now, when the customer is asking for it.

Transforming Retail

Brick and mortar storefronts have struggled with bridging the gap between instore customer service and online presence.  JOLEADO bridges this gap by bringing the human customer service to the retailer’s website.  Additionally, with the robust backend, JOLEADO offers autoresponder emails and simple lead management tools to retail that POS systems lack.  Retail customers find a 32% increase in conversions compared to website commerce alone.

Service Businesses (B2B and B2C)


JOLEADO offers B2B customers a strong enhancement to conversion with our online requirement forms.  The form is available right there in live chat, when submitted it will generate tasks, alerts, projects and routing.  Customers love the quick and easy availability of the live chat tool to be able to get in and get out confident their submittal was received and is in motion.  JOLEADO also offers Case Management and team chats related to the project so nothing is missed, all communication is captured and reported upon.  Try it now

Appointment Setting

Booking an appointment in live chat is refreshing.  No more passing emails back and forth trying to toss up available times.  Simply link to the JOLEADO service from any public or private or affiliate website and a call to action: Book an Appointment w/Our Lead Engineer!  Customers quickly click the service, select a date and time and submit.  It’s that easy.  Try it now

Coupons and Promotional Incentives


If you do not presently have a call to action on your website to save or get a reward for participation, you’re losing sales.  JOLEADO makes it simple from any public or private website even affiliate site.  Customers simply click on the call to action, engage and receive a promotion.  Follow-up with a scheduled appointment and you have a solid lead.  Try it now

Traditional Live Chat


Of course, a customer service or sales team able to respond to live chats quickly share all the benefits of traditional live chat when using JOLEADO.  Customers that have tried other services make the switch to JOLEADO live chat because of the ability to get more done inside of a single experience.  Because JOLEADO was built as a powerful CRM first, sales and operation teams can work together inside of a single experience while generating meaningful workflow like project management, case management and tasking.

If you already have learned the benefits of live chat, or if you are new to the service, you owe it to your marketing strategy to try JOLEADO.  The psychology of live chat is a proven customer service winner and with JOLEADO and the immediate availability of back-office tools like calendaring, online forms, checkout and promotional coupons from any public, private or affiliate website, you can leverage its success right now.

7 Warning Signs Your Chat is Annoying Your Customers Not Making Sales

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Live chat is supposed to help your customers, and guide them towards making a purchase. In fact when done correctly live chat can increase sales on your website by as much as 48% per hour!

So why is it that so many websites are still using the same old live chat features that so many visitors find irritating instead of the ones that will help you convert?


A poor user experience can cause visitors to abandon your page, affect conversion rates, Search engine optimization and can even create a bad reputation for your website.

And the worst part is it’s totally unnecessary!

Live chat is supposed to be helpful, but oftentimes it has the exact opposite effect. To make sure your chat is helping, not hurting your business, here are:

7 Warning Signs Your Chat Is Annoying Customers, Not Making Sales!

  1. Your Chat Box Pops Up Immediately. Website visitors need on average 3-5 seconds to assess the website and start trying to figure out where they need to go on your site. This means that you should never have a live chat button popup for at least 10-12 seconds according to these Statistics.
  2. You are using non-native speakers for Live Chat. If your site is in English (or Dutch or French) your chat services need to be with native speakers of that language. No offense to India where much of live chat is outsourced to, but having live chat with a non-native speaker is worse than having no live chat at all as oftentimes they have to check things or don’t know the answer to simple basic questions.
  3. Your Live Chat window is frequently offline. Another mistake many websites make is not providing 24/7 live chat, which results in the popup window saying that the chat is offline and can end up costing you sales.
  4. You’re using sales pitches disguised as Live Chat. Another big mistake websites make with their live chat services is to instruct their employees to aggressively harass users to buy which often has the exact opposite effect and runs visitors off of your website in record time.
  5. You don’t offer an incentive for live chatting. Another finding of the Econsultancy statistics was that incentives such as free shipping or a proactive invitation would encourage them to use the live chat feature.
  6. Your chat takes forever. One of the main benefits of live chat is speed! In fact 79% of those who prefer live chat to other ways of communicating with a website listed getting questions answered immediately as the # 1 reason they like live chat.
  7. Your live chat uses canned responses. One of the biggest complaints of live chat users was when live chat operators use canned responses or information easily found on the website, which leads to customers repeating questions. You want to make sure your live chat operators are knowledgeable about your website and product and not just spouting off canned responses.

In this article we looked at 7 warning signs that your chat is annoying your visitors, instead of making sales. We looked at how live chat has gotten a bad reputation due to overly aggressive popups, sales pitches disguised as chat and live chat windows which are consistently offline.

It is important to avoid these mistakes, but don’t let them discourage you from using live chat services as 31% of online shoppers from both the US and UK say they would be more likely to purchase after a live chat!

If you want to learn more about Live Chat services which will work for you, and convert more prospects into customers schedule a 5 minute website analysis – schedule your free website analysis Here!

The Hidden Reason Your Live Chat Isn’t Converting

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Have you ever thought about the difference between a sniper rifle and a shotgun?

On the surface it’s kind of an absurd question (unless you’re playing one of those video games where you can switch weapons with the touch of a button) but there’s a lesson to be learned about live chat from it.

A shotgun and a rifle are both guns, but they serve completely different functions, and get very different results.

The way most websites use Live Chat is like a shotgun approach to converting sales. Half the time nowadays the agent is offline or multitasking as they think about what they are going to do when they get off work.


Too many times, even when visitors are asking clear “buying” questions, the response is stock answers which is the # 1 complaint of most chat users or “ I don’t know, let me check.”

This leaves the visitor annoyed and more likely to leave without buying, joining your mailing list or scheduling an appointment.

There is a real disconnect in the live chat market between the consumer and the service agent leading to visitors leaving your site in record time!

The problem is you’re using a shotgun when you need to be using a sniper rifle.

Welcome to JOLEADO the sniper rifle of chat services.

JOLEADO System allows you to use chat to:

• Automate your sales force including tools for invoicing, quoting and upselling
• Increase Customer Satisfaction and Lifetime Customer Value
• Engage clients through social media
• Increase sales by up to 48% an hour
• And much more…

Stop blasting. Start engaging.

Sign up for a free 10 minute website analysis to see how JOLEADO can help you Today!