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3 Steps to Generate More Qualified Leads for Your Car Dealership

Streamline your lead generation process by using conversational marketing to specifically target your customers’ needs.

The car dealership industry is vastly different and modernized from where it was just a few years ago. For example, instead of customers walking through your dealership doors and talking through which vehicle fits their situation, they can now visit your website and scroll through your inventory online.

The loan qualification process for car dealerships has also become much more advanced. Pre-approvals for multiple credit partners can be completed using a single application. But which credit partner is best for the specific buyer without multiple credit reports? And how to adjust your inventory demands for specific markets? If you don’t utilize the latest technology, you risk leaving money on the table.

Keep reading for how to target a specific buyer using conversational marketing – a free flowing, 24/7 qualification dialogue from your website for buyers who need access, but whose situation puts them in the low income, high risk pool.

Step 1: The Psychology of Engagement

Let’s visit your public website. Your live chat call to action is positioned and works well, but requires a call center or some bot to respond for 24/7 support. When you open end your call to action to something like “How Can We Help You?” – your process risks a less effective approach to targeting consumer expectations.

Instead, a clear call to action provides the consumer with a specific, targeted market “Bad Credit? Click Here” – this targets a specific buyer.

The expectation is pre-defined and thus chat is no longer just a platform for your customer service team to reply to support requests, but a lead generator to satisfy the targeted consumer.

The result of this targeted call to action is a buyer that feels well taken care of – THIS dealership respects my time and my position. It is a completely different way of thinking about consumer engagement – the phase II of Live Chat software and it has proven that it works, very well.

Step 2: Rethink the SubPrime Consumer

The subprime consumer is NOT a risk to your new vehicle brand. Many franchises make this mistake – and we have proven this is not the case when JOLEADO is a call-to-action on your website. This targeting of the subprime consumer works to expand your used car sales, while offering the new car buyer a better deal for their trade-in.

The SubPrime buyer for the Franchise will go to the independents when not coddled or shown their business is welcomed by your franchise. Joleado combines automated chat and customer relationship management software to send appointment and financial details directly to your finance department.

While your reps are not on the lot, your leads can book appointments, tell you which car they are interested in, and what they are able to pay monthly.

This saves your sales reps time and effort so they can focus on selling cars.

Here is a quick overview of what the Joleado’s chat widget offers:

  • Use our automated chat functionality on your dealership’s website
  • The widget walks through the consumers qualifications
  • The widget will schedule a call-back appointment
  • View and export completed credit application forms that you can send to CAPS (Credit Acceptance Processing System), Excel, email, or PDF.

With an intuitive dealer management platform, your sales reps will spend less time on their computers and more time servicing the buyer.

Step 3: Expand your pre-owned marketplace

By utilizing the power of Joleado’s conversational marketing platform, what you will see is your pre-owned applications will go up, thus your pre-owned sales will rise.

“When we began to market to the subprime marketplace using JOLEADO we saw a rise from 5% to 50% of our pre-owned business was subprime. This has made a huge difference to our franchise, market directly to this buyer and they will come to you and buy.”

General Manager – GM Franchise

And the majority of online customers prefer chat over every other communication channel to get answers and schedule meetings to learn more about your business.

Here at Joleado, we offer a simple chat script that easily integrates with your website which allows car sales professionals to know specifically how to close this type of buyer. Because the JOLEADO widget is a targeted market, the selling process is learned quickly and onboarding the buyer to the Credit Acceptance program is learned and repeated.

By automatically asking customers relevant to the car buying process, Joleado’s chat widget helps your sales team save time and convert more qualified subprime leads.

Learn specifically how JOLEADO can work for your dealership by watching our 2-minute overview video here , then try our no obligation free trial to see if JOLEADO Conversational Widget can work for your dealership.