Best Live Chat Software for Business Websites

5 Best Practices to Get Started With Live Chat

In today’s competitive business environment, featuring Live Chat Software on your website is essential to compete. Live Chat can be broken down into 3 primary categories: Sales Chat, Support Chat and Recruitment Chat. Here we discuss Customer Support Live Chat.

Your attempt to offer a comprehensive customer support system to your customers through live chat is welcome. It is surely a viable option for the customers to engage with your support team and find the solutions that they need in real-time. Remember live chat does not help your customers only; it also comes to you with hidden bonuses like increased conversions and repeat sales.

Turning on Customer Support Live Chat

When companies grapple to get their live chat on and running, we at JOLEADO Live Chat step in to help. Here we will provide you with the five best practices to get started with live chat.

Call-to-Action Button

Your live chat button should be customized that it is immediately accessible to the online visitor. The placement of that button will directly impact your positive customer experience. The best type of live chat option is the one which is non-intrusive to the website experience and provides a warm invitation to achieving a solution – does the button speak to the online visitor clearly? What about the button text will speak “solution” to the online visitor? Is the button placed consistently on the page so not to make your visitor work to locate the solution?

Welcoming Design

Your live chat invitation design should be noticeable enough for those looking for it, but it should also blend with the overall design of the website. Further, the wording on your live chat button should prompt the website visitors to want to take advantage of the support option, but it should also be personal enough for visitors to engage in it seriously.

Integrate Proactive Live Chat

Your support team should offer live chat even before your customer reaches out to you. You can use triggers that will start a conversation automatically in such cases where they may possibly need assistance – for example, by putting such triggers on checkout pages for customers who are stuck for too long or seem undecided, you will increase the conversion rate by increasing the possibility of a purchase. Live chat has many other benefits too, such as helping in the collection of data and creation of customer profiles. These help to make a live chat proactive live chat and a no-brainer for those who are starting with it.

Create Suitable Canned Responses

Though you need to let your customers know that they are chatting with a live person, sometimes canned responses can be handy, especially when dealing with some frequently asked questions. Your team should develop a list of such FAQs and their responses to minimize the time spent on repetitious conversations and to optimize your live chat’s productivity. Consider, if your sales team is trained to the Sandler Selling System, feature Sandlers targeted selling templates inside your live chat response system. This is one example of how live chat support’s a consistent selling culture and works to convert the ideal customer to your business.

Provide 24/7 Support

Often Live Chat products transform into a “contact us” procedure when your call center is offline. Why generate a redundant experience? Instead, transform your live chat system into a conversion strategy by offering a promotional incentive, schedule an appointment, fill out a credit application, et al., JOLEADO offers several strategies which power the offline experience into a conversion platform.

In a medium to large sized business, it is understood that you have to provide a live chat support anytime for anyone. This allows customers with different consumeristic patterns and from different time zones to avail the customer support. This is necessary if you’re a business which is serious about offering a good customer service.

Have you heard of other such practices which can be used when starting out with a live chat with customers? Let us know from your comments in the section below.

Once you decide to offer what you have thought, you can look through at what our JOLEADO Live Chat Software has to offer to you and your support team.