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6 Reasons to Use Live Chat Software

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Have you ever thought the actual desire of business? The answer is simple to increase the market share through customer loyalty. Secondly, what is the actual and major cause of losing the customers? The answer is simple: Unaddressed Customers pain points.
These pain points are the unsolved issues of the customers over an extended period of time. Some business analytics and data mining report show that many customers signing out of membership or going out of the website, leaving behind their shopping carts unattended.

In modern times the common fear that all the customers have, the fear of unknown and lack of confidence or trust. Think of a situation where the customer enters to buy a professional mobile. They can have many questions at that point in time and that would be answered by a couple of experts on duty. The expert salesman would first try to understand the actual requirement of the customer and then the salesman knows the right mobile for his customer.

He can also add some goodies with the purchase (free mobile cover etc.). The customer tries out the mobile and supposes got stuck at some point about the functionality of mobile. But he can then be assisted by the salesman who later informs him on how to take care of upcoming issues. Now, this influences the customer greatly as he feels very satisfied and starts thinking about the great bargain – more value for the money. The salesman then offered him the extended warranty as well to support any technical issues and replacements. Now, what do you think? Did the customer buy the mobile?
The answer is YES

Now let’s take another example where a customer is looking out for mobile on a website. As expected the website has a showcase of many mobiles along with great pictures. The site provides remarkable product detail with easy price and capability comparison. The customer selected some products on the website and is been hovering among those products in 30 minutes. The customer is a bit confused by now. He is having some questions and he finds Contact Us page and fills out his query and hits the submit button. The customer decided to wait for some time. Within 24 hours response was provided but unfortunately by that time the site has already lost the customer.

Why do you think?

The customer is now able to enter the competitor’s website. This new site is equally amazing and flashing with real-life quality images. The customer finds the same product and has the same set of questions in his mind. After browsing for less than 5 mins over the target product, he finds a chat session invitation interface on top of the screen. The customer immediately drives into the chat box and start relieving his pain point questions. Now by this time the customer is very much satisfied and confident and finally hits the buy button. Start relieving his pain point questions. Now by this time the customer is very much satisfied and confident and finally hits the buy button.

Finally, the purchase has been made in lesser time. Now, what do you think the main reason behind the successful purchase? The answer is simple “Trust Factor” support. When an online shopping experience is rapidly supported with Chat session, it finishes any foreboding feeling of uncertainty.

We saw that customer was at ease using the Live Chat software and this has shown to boost sales, boosts turnovers and repeat customers or buyers. These E-commerce sites can enjoy the facilities provided by Live Chat Software. This includes Co-browsing, screen sharing, live text chat, live video conferencing and live video chat etc.
The actual logic behind building Live Chat Software is based on Social Media application. Customers are actually familiar with the Chat controls in a way that the software never obstructs the communication. Now the challenge is not to train the employees of excellent customer service skills but training them on how to efficiently use the Live Chat Software. Once they will get to know the efficient use of Live Chat, this can help to boost the business and increase the profit.
Coming to the timing aspect of the Live Chat support as this is very important to know or observe the timing and level of activity of your site. Many companies provide Chat support at Office Hours. Another factor is to determine the geographical area of your customers that make a request during the peak hours. Now if providing the chat support during this time is not feasible then try to outsource these services to the service provider which will further help you to provide the best in class support to your customers. In another word, if the Chat service can be provided 24 X 7 this increase the chances of customer attraction and retention.

Now here are the 6-additional reason to use Live Chat Software tool.

1. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Nowadays when no one has time and need immediate assistance to their question, Live Chat support plays a vital role. This service offers quick resolution to customers queries and can increase the level of customer satisfaction. These services are offered during the decision making of the site browsing and cart filling. Customers feel confident on their purchase when they know what they need to know. Live Chat put any trust issues a pause. Your customer feels that any help is only few clicks away.

2. Improve Customer Loyalty

The kind of offer your customer gets, they never forget. A well-known author has written that well mannered written words have a deeper impact than the spoken words and it stays back in the memory for a long time. Most customers can’t speak English well but they can write efficiently. Live Chat Support Tool offers support to such customer categories. Another positivity is that if multiple Language Live Chat Support is offered, the company is able to serve wider multi-lingual and diverse customer body.

3. Close Customer Service Cases Faster

If you open a support ticket, it will take a longer time to get resolved as compared to Live Chat Support tools as they offer faster resolution. This also creates a positive feeling among customers towards the company because the company has well-trained staff who all are well versed with company product and all are working as a team to solve issues for each other. The company can also provide quick response for the repeated problems by recalling similar use cases.

4. Upsell and Make More Money

Reduction in cost plays a key role in the success of any organization. The best part of integrating the Live Chat Support software is a reduction in customer service cost. Just opposite to that, imagine setting up a call center and the cost involved behind the same. In another word, the money saved is as good as generating revenue. Also, sales can be increased by providing immediate resolution to customers as this will lead to customer satisfaction and gain trust.

5. Increase Conversion Rates

A quicker conversion rate can be experienced by marketing products through Live Support Software Tool. If the customer receives support in a very initial stage of product exploration, their mindset will change and they will for sure buy the product.

6. Reach your Customer Anywhere

By using the Live Chat Support tool, one can reach its customer located anywhere across the world and in any time zone. Employees may not need to travel to different locations rather they can work remotely at any hours to meet the customer demand. An important question which is coming into the minds of a customer located across the globe is Shipping and handling of the product. The shipping information plays a major role in the online purchase. A company can receive more trust when queries related to Shipping and Handling of the product can be answered honestly and immediately. Customers across the world respond better to a more personal message in chatbox when compared to similar dialog heard.

The use of customized welcome responses is of more worth to that chat queries instead of standard and generic responses. Customers across the world respond in a better way to a more personal message in a chat box as compared to similar dialog heard many times.

The Live Support Chat Software is increasingly replacing the concept of call centre support system. A faster method of customer support is needed for the majority of the customers located across globe. This is mainly because of large volume of information bombarded on customers when browsing the website. Joleado’s Live Chat software provides multiple methods of live communication to satisfy the queries of customers and very soon the time will come when these tools will become mainstream method of great customer support.

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