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7 Easy Subject Line Ideas To Get Your Emails Opened!

July 30th, 2016IN Blog by

There are over 100 billion business emails sent every day according to the most recent study, are your emails getting the attention they deserve? If you’re interested in increasing the open rate of your emails then you’re going to want to pay extra close attention to this message.

With so much competition for Inbox space, it’s tough to make sure that your emails get through and get opened, but there are some easy simple changes or “ideas” you can make to your subject lines to get your emails opened up to 50% more. In this article I’ll walk you through the 7 best ideas for your subject lines based on years of data from big email providers.

Let’s get started right now!

7 Easy Subject Line Ideas To Get Your Emails Opened:

  1. Use negative subject lines. It has been proven that titles with negative words have higher open rates. Use phrases like the worst, what’s wrong, hate, awful and more to engage your audience. The best way to use negative email titles is to threaten the readers 3 Bs: Behavior, Beliefs and Belongings.
  2. Avoid the 4 most overused words in email. The 4 most overused words in email subject lines are: free, help, percent off and reminder. Not only will these words negatively affect your open rate, they also may trigger spam filters.
  3. Optimize for mobile. Almost 30% of all emails are opened are Mobile devices. There are also several devices that cut off titles at 25 characters. Tools like Litmus will allow you to see how a subject line and email will actually look on various tools prospects can use to access the email.
  4. Personalize the “from” field. An easy way to make sure more of your emails get opened is to send the email from a person at the company, rather than just the company name or even worse “sales.” Remember that the more personal and friendly the email seems the greater the chances it will be opened.
  5. Use no subject line. In an experiment done by ContactMonkey, they found that the best subject line is no subject line. They also found that the ideal subject line length is two words and there is a 15% drop in opens when the subject line has 3 words or more.
  6. Don’t ask a question. Question marks performed poorly in several experiments, and should be removed from your rotation of subject lines. The only exception is if the question is off the wall such as “who wants to be a billionaire?”
  7. Email after lunch. A study done by email provider Mailchimp showed that email opens increase after noon with the most active period being between 2 and 5 PM. Make sure you set your auto-responders to send emails during this window. Just making this change alone can lead to a much better open rate.

In this article, we covered 7 different easy ideas you can make to your subject lines in order to get your emails opened more.

Don’t just read this email and forget about it, set some time aside to make these changes to your subject lines and you will see an increase in emails opened!