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8 Ways to Combine Social Media & Live Chat and Rule the Race

Social media and live chat software go hand in hand. Each customer service tactic separately is effective. When used together, they create a service experience that attracts customers and pushes your success beyond conception.

Be where your customers are

Effective customer services come only when you’re where your customers are. By presenting yourself both on social media and live chat software, you’re making sure you’re available to your customers via an online medium. Major brands have used social media as the defacto customer support channel.
But when someone is already on your website, then asking them to use Twitter to ask you a question is discouraging. Here adding live chat to your site gives visitors the attention they need.

Respond ASAP

We live in the on-demand economy, where one who fulfills the heightened expectation levels of expediency can survive. A survey had revealed that 42% of customers complaining via any social media expected a response within 60 minutes. Using both social media and live chat means you’re providing them with almost instantaneous response times.
Getting a customer support system with both social media and live chat will help create a systematic process, offering customer service across different channels (like social media and live chat).

Listen To Them First

The key to a helpful customer service is listening to the customer. That way you’ll understand your customers’ needs and the problems they face. Patterns can be drawn out with a proper analysis of the problems which can be further communicated to your product team to be resolve accordingly. Using both the techniques helps you to segregate your audience problems according to the medium through which they can be addressed. This data classification can help you to plan better content on the different channels.

Provides a Signature Effect

Your customer service experience is an important part of the sales process. Your quick responses and omniscient presence across platforms will become your trump card against your competitors. Because if two companies provide similar products but one provides better customer service, then customers buy from the one rather than the other.

It can also help you retain customers longer and increase your brand’s word of mouth reliability. Each of these add up to bring in higher revenues. Give your company a brand with a plus-point over the competitors by offering latest and informed a customer service experience through social media and live chat.

With this, find out for yourself how JOLEADO Live Chat Software can bring your customer’s needs to the priority position and provide them a satisfactory live chat experience.