Our Approach

Our system is setup in a “default” mode so you have all you need to accept live chats in under 5 minutes.

Statistics show, however, that software that is just turned on can underperform to capacity potential.

From system defaults, we work to better wrap the system around your company’s objectives using a 6 week 5-30 minute what’s hot? what’s not. series of training sessions. We find this practice acclimates the software to your company’s particular needs.

For instance, for off hours, you may want to consider tailoring the messaging to your specific goals. You can easily change this text yourself from defaults or we can change the text together.

Participation is optional and is no-cost to you.

From defaults we work together to wrap the system around your company’s objectives.

JOLEADO can be as much or as little of your integrated sales and marketing strategy as you desire. Because JOLEADO is a team of business strategists providing robust alternatives, we understand there is no better software than software people actually use. We strive to adopt and evolve with each customer experience.

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We find that by scheduling a 6-week, 5-30 minute discussion and training session, users are much more apt to acclimate and thus optimize the system around your strategic goals.

We offer tips, tricks, system demonstartions and answer any questions users may have.

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