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Assigning Autoresponder to a Lead Using Status

September 1st, 2017IN Blog, Customer Services, live chat by

Use Autoresponder to Manage Cold Leads

JOLEADO’s strategy is to manage leads when they are hot – and purge them when they are not.

When managing leads, often, especially online leads, training reps to isolate cold leads from prospects, quickly enhances conversions.

JOLEADO makes it very simple for reps to change the status of a lead triggering a series of emails, known as the autoresponder.

In this video we first look at setting up the email campaign, then assigning the series to a campaign, then finally relating the campaign to the status.

From the dashboard, click on Templates

Now, designate your folder autoresponder by toggling the folder

> Is Autoresponder

JOLEADO will exhaust all emails inside the folder until empty using the frequency defined in your autoresponder campaign (See How to Autoresponder Video).

Once you have a template library folder designated with Is Autoresponder click on Contacts > Autoresponder in the upper right of the screen.

Click on Get Started and follow the prompts to setup frequency.  Now you have an active campaign.

To relate the autoresponder to a status, click on Groups from the upper right corner of your contacts list.

From Groups locate your desired status and click on Autoresponder.

A window will open, click Add.  In the dropdown, select your newly added campaign and assure active is set to yes, then submit.

Autoresponder is now active meaning your Status will trigger the campaign simply the rep changing the status of the contact.

Now let’s look at how these actions relate to the contact record.

Click into the contact record and find the button Autoresponder in center of the page.

Here you will see your related Autoresponder campaign(s) under the contact record.

You can add a new campaign manually by clicking on Add, or inactivate a campaign should you wish to remove this single contact from the campaign.

And that is how you relate an autoresponder campaign to a status or directly to a contact record.