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Close More Credit Acceptance Contracts

March 14th, 2019IN credit-acceptance-blog by

Close More Credit Acceptance Contracts

If you’re a dealer working with credit acceptance, we know that around 25% of your applications end up closing. What if we could increase those sales with no change to your existing workflow?


joLEADo is a chat widget that fits on your website.What we’ve done is taken the credit acceptance application and broken it apartinto a series of questions and integrated these questions into an automated chat. When a customer enters a chat by clicking on the widget, the system answers immediately and begins to ask each question from the credit acceptance form.

This is called conversational marketing, and it works because it’s accessible and welcoming to the customer. Dealers currently using joLEADo have found that putting the chat button on their website drastically increases the number of incomingcredit acceptance applications.

And more applications – more business.

And again – this process is 100% automated – the system is receiving apps 24/7 with no sales reps required.

joLEADo doesn’t stop there – after completing the form,the system also prompts the applicant to schedule a follow up appointment to gain an additional level of commitment. For example, you can see this particular dealership prompts customers to schedule a 10-minute phone call, right inside of the chat.

Therefore, joLEADo not only increases the number of appsreceived – it also works to increase your conversion ratio. The system requires no setup and is easy to use – after a chat is completed, the system emails you immediately with a record of the form and details of the appointment time. It’s that simple.

If desired, reps can also loginto the back-office of joLEADo and access the application records, appointment calendar, as well as export features for CAPS integration.

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