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Joleado's Automated Chatbots work with sales teams to convert and grow

JOLEADO helps to improve your online conversions using a unique blend of call-to-action software that engages users naturally. The psychology of a live chat experience gives your online customer experience full control which helps them to commit to your product or service by taking action.

Chat features include:

  • Corporate Live Chat
  • Automated Call-to-Action (Offline Conversion Experience)
  • Customer Relationship Management (Robust CRM)
  • Enhanced Workflow and Integration Development & Support

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Available With Every Plan

  • On/Off Duty Reps

  • Transcripts / Reporting

  • Simple Automated Chat when Offline

  • Multiple Campaigns

  • Analytics/Tracking

  • Customizable Greetings

  • Browser Verification

  • Re-assign Rep

  • Custom Skin Options

  • Link/Image or Hover

Upgrade Options

  • Flexible Field Setup

  • Customized Automate Chat

  • Lead Conversion + Management

  • Live Calendar Scheduling

  • Developer Friendly API

Corporate Live Chat

Corporate Live Chat is the flagship feature of JOLEADO Systems.

Live chat is an amazing technology to support your business and also to promote your product or service.

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Automated Call-to-Action

JOLEADO offers a competitive edge to your online arsenal - the offline automated chat experience.

Convert prospects into customers while your staff is unavailable of offline.

JOLEADO is a powerful technology to convert when live chat is offline.

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Customer Relationship Management (Robust CRM)

Different from most Live Chat systems, JOLEADO is built and integrated with its own full-service CRM.

What this means is the system scales with your strategic goals and avoids inefficient overlap with other systems.

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Enhanced Workflow and Integration Development & Support

The big idea JOLEADO sets out to solve is system integration with Live Chat as the front-door into your business.

Integration with existing systems is an effective strategy for businesses of all sizes.

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