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We are excited to bring the muscle of the JOLEADO system to WordPress!

JOLEADO is excited to offer our NEW plugin for WordPress! Our plugin features all of the powerful tools and utilities found within the JOLEADO System!

You can add as many campaigns as you want to specific pages of your website.

JOLEADO provides a step-by-step tutorial on how-to from the Help menu in your dashboard.

You can add a JOLEADO Campaign to a new post or page without any additional steps or setup.

Download The Plugin!

Follow Our Quick Installation Steps!

Step One

From the WordPress Menu – find plugins and click on Add New.

Step Two

Click on upload plugin button, browse for the zip file you just downloaded and click on Install Now.

Step Three

After uploading click Activate the plugin.

Step Four

Once Activated, click on JOLEADO Chat Settings in the menu.

Then, Just Follow The Prompts!

Once your experience is live there is a quick and easy tutorial which will teach you how to live-chat from your WordPress site in minutes!

If you have any questions, we will do our best to help make sure your JOLEADO user experience is best it can be!