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Gaging a Leads Level of Commitment

In our last discussion, we reviewed how the chat widget can be of strategic importance.  Equally important is the response from your representatives.  In this issue, we are not trying to tell you how to sell cars, you already know how to close.  But it is important to consider the user experience from the strategic selling platform, conversational marketing.

Key to success, when a lead comes through the chat experience, the psychology of live chat establishes a baseline relationship.  It is true and important that your reps appreciate that the potential buyer is a warm lead.  There is no barrier of introduction – to them, they have passed the point of a normal introduction.

4 Follow-Up Points

For the car dealership, here are 4 key follow-up elements.

  • They have already been qualified.

    Over the years, it never ceases to amaze us how even at 2AM, buyers visit one of our dealerships and as they walk through our automated chat widget, they believe they are talking with and building a relationship with a human.  Chat offers a unique touch point, the buyer has full-control of the conversation.  They can leave at any time, without push-back.  Asking qualification questions at the right time, encourages buyers that your dealerships respects their time.  And finally, asking for a timely call-back that works for their schedule, not the dealerships, underscores your commitment to them.

    The result of this simple widget is a relationship, that when coddled appropriately, closes.

    This is why you need to come to where they are – looking for you to solve their problem.

  • You’re not selling, you are fulfilling. 

    Essential to success is to begin the call at exactly the time they scheduled a call-back.  So important.  Do not call randomly – this call-back is the psychology of delivery – you are doing exactly what you told them you would do, call-back at a time of their choosing.  Then always ask them if the time they scheduled still works for them.  Confirmations build steady commitment.

  • Assure they are qualified.  

    Be sure your reps have reviewed the STIPs response email sent to each lead who schedules a call-back.  These STIPs are the key to follow-up as they outline your position.  Some sample starts might be:

    “It says here you can put down $100, our guaranteed program requires $500 down, are you in a position to do that at this time?”  If not, they are not qualified for the program.

    Or “You have a trade over $500, that is great, you are qualified – the next step is to schedule you out to sit down,  it usually takes about 45 minutes and you can drive away in your selected vehicle, but we need to assure you bring the following with you:

    • Proof of Income (W-2 Employer)
    • Proof of Income (Self-Employed)
    • Proof of Income (Fixed Income)
    • Proof of Income (Unemployed)
    • Proof of Residence
    • Proof of Bank
    • *MUST have a VALID form of Identification
    • **$500 Minimum Cash Down or Trade Equity
  • Schedule a time to meet

    Once you have confirmed qualification, schedule a time to visit your dealership.  Do not talk about their next vehicle or what they qualify for – get them to come into see their available options.  That is when the selling begins.

    In summary, the level of commitment from a JOLEADO Chat is higher than that of a lead or application form.  The relationship has confirmed a call-back at a specific time.  Confirm down payment, cover STIPS, and once qualified, schedule a time for dealership visit.

    Learn specifically how JOLEADO can work for your dealership by watching our 2-minute overview video here , then try our no obligation free trial to see if JOLEADO Conversational Widget can work for your dealership.