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The Hidden Reason Your Live Chat Isn’t Converting

January 10th, 2017IN Blog by

Have you ever thought about the difference between a sniper rifle and a shotgun?

On the surface it’s kind of an absurd question (unless you’re playing one of those video games where you can switch weapons with the touch of a button) but there’s a lesson to be learned about live chat from it.

A shotgun and a rifle are both guns, but they serve completely different functions, and get very different results.

The way most websites use Live Chat is like a shotgun approach to converting sales. Half the time nowadays the agent is offline or multitasking as they think about what they are going to do when they get off work.


Too many times, even when visitors are asking clear “buying” questions, the response is stock answers which is the # 1 complaint of most chat users or “ I don’t know, let me check.”

This leaves the visitor annoyed and more likely to leave without buying, joining your mailing list or scheduling an appointment.

There is a real disconnect in the live chat market between the consumer and the service agent leading to visitors leaving your site in record time!

The problem is you’re using a shotgun when you need to be using a sniper rifle.

Welcome to JOLEADO the sniper rifle of chat services.

JOLEADO System allows you to use chat to:

• Automate your sales force including tools for invoicing, quoting and upselling
• Increase Customer Satisfaction and Lifetime Customer Value
• Engage clients through social media
• Increase sales by up to 48% an hour
• And much more…

Stop blasting. Start engaging.

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