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How to Setup the Autoresponder

September 1st, 2017IN Blog, Customer Services by

How to Setup JOLEADO’s Autoresponder Feature

JOLEADO’s autoresponder is a powerful feature to generate activity from leads that have gone cold, current customers or even support cases (how to), et al.

How does it work?  JOLEADO will automatically send your contacts emails on the contact reps behalf.

First: You need to target your library of emails to a single folder and mark that folder “Is Autoresponder” – let’s get started.

From your dashboard, click on Templates in the center of the page.  Then click on the blue button: Manage Templates.

NOTE: If you do not see the Manage Templates button, or the Templates tab on your dashboard, contact your JOLEADO administrator to turn it on for you.

Once you have your emails built move them to a single folder in your template library. Designate that folder your autoresponder folder by clicking on Edit > Is Autoresponder

You now have a library of email templates you would like to send in a single folder marked “Is Autoresponder”.

Now, lets create a campaign that will trigger JOLEADO to send those emails on the reps behalf, automatically.

From your contacts tab, click on Autoresponder in the upper right corner.

NOTE: If you do not see the autoresponder button, contact your JOLEADO administrator.

This opens your autoresponder campaign manager.  Here you can build multiple campaigns and assign frequency, for instance, monthly newsletters or Annual reports.

To build a campaign, click on Get Start.

First give your campaign a name and a description.

The system will now send every 1 Tuesday each sequenced template (assume there are 12 templates, 1 for each month).

Next, you can turn on the autoresponder to any contact manually.  Click into a contact record and locate the Autoresponder tab.  Click Add and submit your selected campaign.

To edit the sequence of your templates click on Edit Group Sequence in your template library window.  Enter the sequence of your templates then click on Close Group Sequence to Save.

Be sure to remember to Close Group Sequence, this will save your settings.

You now have an autoresponder setup and now can tie or relate the campaign to a contact or a group of contacts or a targeted status of a contact.