Best Live Chat Software for Business Websites

Improve Lead Conversions using Live Chat Software

A hair-ripping moment in any entrepreneur’s initial career is when you put your heart and soul into the building of a creative business, develop an amazingly fresh product, obtain for your website a good traffic but only find yourself ending up with a handful of customers.
Though everything appears to glide smoothly – because there is a hope-enriching traffic on your website, the customers are browsing through all your grand products, their emails are full of the product related inquiries – yet your lead conversation rates are faltering.
While the average website conversion rates amble between 1 and 5 percent, yours is … getting hammered below average.
Thankfully, there is an expressway to track the behavior of the visitors to your website, where you cannot just offer them assistance but also prevent them from leaving your website empty-handed.
Yes! Conversion rate optimization is possible! Thanks to the Live Chat Software – JOLEADO System.
We will help you understand five major points to get an increased rate of lead conversions using JOLEADO’s Live Chat Software.

1. Automated Greetings sent through JOLEADO
Let’s say that you want to buy a gift for a special person on a special day.
Often, we will enter a store to check what they have to offer; and while browsing through the products, it hits you that you have no idea what would be best to buy. Luckily, the shop assistant, who was observing you from a distance, notices that you need help, they approach and offer their help, to start, they greet you, kindly.
Think of your website with the JOLEADO System , the best live chat software as your virtual assistant. Once your customer visits your website, you can provide them with your greeting. Your online visitor is relieved and can open up about their desired selection.
When visitors are invited to talk, it is more likely that these visitors would convert into customers than the ones who don’t chat.

2. Personalized Customer Service
According to a survey by the American Express, 78% of consumers don’t make a purchase usually because they had a poor service experience. That’s why you should not only deliver the best possible customer service, but even aim at the best personalized customer service.
It can be simply done by adding a personal touch to a chat. The easiest thing to do this is to add the agent’s pictures. It makes the experience more interactive and also engaging. You can personalize even the greeting message for the customers. More the targeted offers, more the conversions!
The JOLEADO system also gives you the basic information regarding your customers, like their name, email address, geographical location, the pages which they just browsed through and also such information as their prior chats. It definitely transfers into the customer’s happiness which increases your online conversions.

3. Chat Invitations reduce Cart Abandonment’s
The worst place to lose a potential customer is at the shopping cart. This reflects that they had wanted to make a purchase, but at the last phase they couldn’t make up their minds.
There can be a number of reasons why your customers don’t finally go through with buying your products or the service. Maybe the shipping costs were too high or that they were not sure whether the product would fulfill their needs. Perhaps there was some other problem which you don’t even know about.
But you need to find out the reason and that can be done easily using the chat invitations.
These chat invitations are usually crisp friendly messages to encourage the customer to start a chat. You can use them differently according to the purpose; like, you can create a greeting that will pop up when two similar products are viewed. In such a case, you can offer your help which may eventually lead to a purchase.
Invitations greatly affect the conversion rate optimization.

4. Post-Chat surveying
The post-chat surveys help to infer what the customers’ opinion is about your company, about the quality of your customer service or simply about the points of customer disappointments. Its best feature is that you can use the default survey questions available or customize it to your company’s field of expertise.
If you are trying to figure out whether your customers face problems during the billing process, you can candidly ask this question in the post-chat survey. You can ask your customers to rate the chats by indicating how helpful (or not) your customer service team was.
Using post-chat surveys is a great way to obtain feedback. This is essential for a company’s service or product improvement because knowing your visitors is a key to provide a better personal service.

5. Tracking Team Effectiveness
Quality assurance is a major reason why your customers will come to buy from you. And this is not just about the quality of your products but the customer’s overall experience while using your website.
If your website is slow, the billing process is complex, the landing pages are difficult to read, your team isn’t quick enough to respond to their queries, it all reflects that the provided customer experience is not even nearing the average, therefore insufficient.
So we need to track the effectiveness of the chats with your customers. As you already know about the post-chat surveys and the rating of chat experiences, we’ll tell you how you can also monitor the results of your support team.
This performance statistics will tell you how many chats your agents had, how quickly they’ve responded to the queries put to them, how many visitors liked the chat and how many chats ended with a purchase.

JOLEADO – a Unique Live Chat Software Experience
Installing JOLEADO SYSTEM on your website helps you immensely in the conversion rate optimization. It clears the obstacles for you to reach your goal of getting a good number of customers, to get to know your customers better and train your team accordingly.
When you offer assistance to your customers and deliver personalized customer service there and then on the website, you can be sure that your customer conversion rates will rise above average. The added point is that you will track the happiness of your customers so as to retain your targeted client group.
Lastly, it is important to incorporate into your business culture that your customer service only sells when it is exceptional as well as efficient.