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Integrate or not to Integrate?

November 17th, 2018IN live chat by

Collaboration impacts major internal as well as external factors for adopting virtual integration strategies. Careful analysis should always be considered with the adoption process leading key decision proposals.

Integrating Live Chat systems with back-office workflow can be highly effective as Live Chat becomes more and more aligned with the sales pipeline and fulfillment operations. Faced with more and more global competition, more and more companies are looking to the benefits of pushing back-office workflows into the live chat experience. Moreover, as automation bot technology takes hold, the live chat experience is the perfect and logical evolution of conversational marketing.

But when to integrate? When evaluating live chat system, 64% of shoppers will chose the first live chat system the click on. This is both a reflection on the evolution of the live chat market and the assumption that live chat supports the online visitor, or sustains the business not grow the business. Over time, this is changing as the live chat experience can target and push desired responses.

Many reading this may have never considered that live chat can be a virtual sales rep or scheduling assistant or your most effective closer. The time to flip your current impression of live chat is now.

The new new thing is live chat as a dynamic window into your contact management system (CRM) and operational fulfillment system (ERP). From the live chat experience, visitors aim to do business thus your approach should service this need or leave money on the table.

So then, this leads us to integration. Say you are a property owner with 2500 apartments to rent. You receive 25 applications a day, most of which are not routed to the correct location or are incomplete and thus require operational delay. The first point to determine is can we push that 25 applications per day to 40 or 60 or even 100+. How would your current operational process have to change to support this growth?

The live chat experience transforms to a call to action 24/7/365 –

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You integrate the conversation responses with your back office system so there is as minimal human intervention as possible – if at all. You could even integrate with your payment system and accept a down-payment inside the chat experience and thus separate the serious from the drive-by shopper. But why stop there? You can also schedule an appointment to your showroom or office by pushing your integrated calendar directly to the chat experience. Closed!

By now, you might be thinking, “Wait! This is not live chat”! You’re right – it is not. It is JOLEADO.

JOLEADO can be live chat or it can be an automated closer 24/7/365. Reps have the option to join an automated experience in progress during reasonable business hours or they can hold off and just use it as an automated sales assistant. Even if you currently use a live chat service, JOLEADO can complement your sales and marketing strategy by integrating operations to your current online approach when it makes sense.

Further and lastly, supply chain engagements are often overlooked and often sloppy when collecting necessary information to take action. JOLEADO Supply Chat generates a one-on-one engagement between the supplier and his/her sales rep. Sales reps are more productive, less disorganized as JOLEADO automates much of the mundane work that often risks losing a sale or disrupting a customer.