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Setting up your browser

August 28th, 2017IN Blog, Customer Services by

JOLEADO is optimized for firefox.
Users have found Chrome to be mostly ok for JOLEADO also, but we are optimized for firefox.

NOTE: If you do NOT use firefox browser now, you do not have to make Firefox your default browser.

To download firefox go to

NOTE: We do not recommend you use any other download link!

Follow the prompts.

Once on your computers dashboard, right click and change the name to JOLEADO.

To setup this new firefox Icon to open JOLEADO on your dashboard, we need to copy your private login URL.

JOLEADO Training


Go to the your JOLEADO Get Started email
Click on the Get Started button

Your default browser will open, copy the Get Started URL – this is your private login URL for JOLEADO – copy it.

Open Firefox (unless it is already opened)

From the browser menu go to

Tools > Options > Homepage

There, enter the company’s private login URL starting with https://

You are now ready to login using the firefox web-browser.