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This is a demo of an online form or application via the live chat experience.

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Say you have 10,000 unique visitors a month generating 100 transactions per month. (1%)


And, let's say that your average is $90...


Now, pop our conversation rate 1% and that is +$108,000 annually, 5% and that is $432,000 annually!

"Never begin a marketing campaign...without a landing page".

- Says every professional marketer everyday.

Landing pages are very important to your marketing's success. A dedicated landing page exists separately from your website and is designed for one purpose only. To receive campaign or promotional traffic that is focused entirely on one single call-to-action.

A landing page is separate from your website and is only accessible from the link you are utilizing in your marketing content such as a Facebook Ad, email campaign, banner ad, etc.

Each landing page design is customized and uniquely created to match your individual brand colors and content. They are also optimized for viewing on any mobile device.

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Sales Reps can join automated Live Chats, reassign live chats or invite operation teams into the live engagement!

JOLEADO jumpstarts your Live Chat Software strategy with automation options so you do not need to have staff available to get started!

Live Chat works!

If you don’t currently have live chat on your site, implement it. You are losing sales and cart value.

Implement a mobile strategy using JOLEADO's landing page + Live Chat to convert customers to action!

Use specific call to actions, then deliver solutions using the JOLEADO's live chat software suite.

  • Role-based, cloud-driven

  • Easy-to-Use, for you and your customers

  • Email Templates + Autoresponder

  • Sales workflow ready, scalable

For the average website, adding live chat will increase conversions and average order size. A chatter is 2.5 times more likely to convert than a regular website visitor.

JOLEADO can automate the engagement experience to collect pre-sales information and provide incentives.

JOLEADO does not require a call staff, which can be costly, you have the option to automate and convert more visitors.

The psychology of Live Chat

The psychology of Live Chat is undisputed - when a visitor is engaged, they are looking to do business, now! JOLEADOs live chat and automated sequencing, provides the opportunity to deliver visitors what they are asking for - in real-time through the live chat engagement.

  • Transforming Retail - Book qualified appointments to the store

  • B2B - Gather Quote Requirements or online applications via Live Chat

  • Route leads or send PDF form receipts to location managers

  • Even if you use another Live Chat for support, consider JOLEADO for uptick in conversions

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