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Live Chat – A Window into your CRM

On the weekends, what I often find myself doing for entertainment is to watch CRM ads on YouTube or Vimeo. I am not sure why I do this, it is a habit I’ve had for years. Often, contained in the video are quick-hit screenshots of the CRM software with a salesperson content with managing their single lead or appointment. The software is triggering the rep with an impulse that he/she needs to do something. The CRM commercial generally demonstrates how easy the software is to use and basically downgrades the salesperson into a monkey …

– “hey, chicken little, you have to do something in 20 minutes, you better get off the golf course.”

The inevitable question, what if you have more than 1 quote a day, or 1 appointment a day? What if you have 10 or 20 or 100? What if you have sales teams and what if your shared calendar is segregated by location? What then?

Usually, in my experience, when this ‘whoa, Sally, we are getting busy’ threshold is reached, this is when decision-makers determine they have outgrown their ‘simple as pie’ CRM and are once again barking at the moon…“Why do CRMs suck so much?”

When considering which CRM is best for your company, probe a prospect by tearing apart even the term Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – does the software you are considering require a different software system the moment the lead becomes a customer?

One of the reasons enterprise CRMs are successful is because they are expensive. Why that matters is because when you make an investment, you tend to assign internal resources to assure onboarding is properly managed. When you properly onboard a CRM, it is true, your investment pays off the next time your business requires some flex to meet your customers requirements. But most companies do not want to think about CRM, except for how little it costs.

IDEA: Do not think of CRM as “how much is this going to cost me?” Instead, CRMs need to be thought of as “how much is this system going to make me?”

Put another way, when you buy something from, say you are a musician and you order a new electric guitar. You first must pay for it, receive it, unbox it – you can play it, but it is greatly undervalued, if not useless, because you did not invest into an Amp or a foot-pedal.

CRMs, like any investment into your business, requires the investment into the amp and a decent foot-pedal. If not, you can put contacts into it, but eventually you’ll tire of its use, because it lacks flex to meet your customers requirements and likely your reps will stop playing with it all together.

Onboarding Is So Important – Take the Time to Onboard Your Sales and Operational Teams

I like to think of CRM from the lead engagement side. Keeping with the guitar analogy, there is no sound without fingers and the strings. We all get that, but let your customer play the guitar (work to learn how to play, play well, et al) while your engagement software is the amp or sound.

Big Idea: Use your live chat engagement to cast a window into your CRM. That is still a big idea to a lot of businesses who miss this point, but should be considered the point when your rep and prospect begin their relationship, even at 3AM. To rely on your reps to enter the information into some software CRM will cost your business. Your prospects will do it, with a thoughtful and meaningful engagement that not only captures the correct profile and requirement information but moves the prospect from useless information for them to a meaningful next step, like a checkout or a calendar appointment or a promotional incentive.

I mentioned the lead engagement side of the equation. The big idea around JOLEADO is the make an automated chat experience the front-door into your business. Your future customers do all the work to qualify themselves, schedule an appointment, take advantage of incentives and even check-out. All within the chat experience. Sales then receives a triggered event or task based on the customer engagement. This completely flips the thinking around CRM and instead transforms your salesforce automation into a Chat-to-Cash business. Reps are empowered with workflow that is consistent, repeatable and comprehensive back-office operation, without the complexity of reps having to remember how to use the software. Let Live Chat become the window into your CRM and transform your CRM from a cost center to a revenue generation eco-system.

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