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Live Chat Software – A Window into Your CRM

December 19th, 2017IN Blog, live chat use cases by

Successful Lead Management and Salesforce Automation relies upon an investment of time and resources into a quality CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. In organizations large and small, often the demand for the simple contradicts the need for intelligence. Put simply, CRM users require easy and friendly workflow while management requires meaningful KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) so they can make informed decisions. At times, these two forces work against each-other to assure a determined Business Development Culture (BDC).

Live Chat software for Website untied from the CRM, even if transcribed, distracts from the need for intelligent data, but we tolerate and justify its isolated use because it is direct communication with the customer and often pays customer service dividends. But what about the online visitor desirous for a meaningful user pre-sales experience?

When we visit a website today, the conversion strategies are peppered throughout our experience. We are asked to enter our information with the promise for something. It is often never a promise to hear from our sales staff, why is that? But I digress. We want information or a callback or something, even if it is just an email so we can recall visiting the website. The point is, our conversion strategy is to retrieve contact information to feed our hungry CRM. But what did the visitor actually tell us?

Similarly, when we visit a website and are bombarded with a proactive chat window less than 10 seconds after your visit asking you to discuss your online experience, you walk away determined to discover elsewhere. When live chat is always offline due to lack of resources to pick-up a live call and answers the same question for the 100th time, perhaps it is time to rethink everything we know about live chat, the technology. Yes, you picked up the live chat in record time, but no, you failed to nurture the lead to a sale.

Live Chat As A Window into CRM

What if live chat, the technology, could be leveraged to nurture a relationship, not just a CRM conversion metric? We refer to live chat as a window into your CRM, the first step of your relationship with a potential customer, why would we think of it as just a conversation metric and not a relationship?

After all, what is a CRM if not for the journey of an interested or not-so-interested prospect triggering their interest in your product or service by taking some action intended or otherwise? We have come to use live chat for the mundane and failed to unleash its tremendous power for the pre-sales collection of intelligence. Put bluntly, the technology of Live Chat can and should trigger a nurturing relationship with your sales process, most importantly with your sales reps, instead of being treated as a necessary customer service outlet.
If I could bring you 50 prospects that filled out a contact us form on your website in a 24-hour period, would you consider this a conversion success?

If out of the same 50 prospects, I instead brought 15 fully vetted through an approval process, a scheduled appointment and with the incentive to buy – which would you prefer?
The psychology of live chat provides a unique ability to generate a relationship with the online prospect, but far too often companies do not think of it this way. Instead, they rationalize it as a support resource, an operational necessity. When indeed, the power of live chat software to consume a prospect into a relationship they control, the mindset shifts from a meaningless contact us form to a qualified relationship – even if just for now, the relationship is with your CRM.

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