Getting on with Live Chat for the New Year

Each New Year brings a sense of change in a world of opportunity. When technology is moving fast, the New Year can quickly benefit your business by empowering your online conversion strategy to help with the daily functioning in our profession. Everyone talks of including improvement of business processes or communications as their New Year’s resolution. Here is a quick and easy forward change idea: Add a Live Chat Software to your website and social media presence.

Why Live Chat Software Works!
The psychology of live chat is amazing. Customers can engage at their pace. Their terms – this provides a unique experience for them to get comfortable with your brand. Through this, your customers can directly access chat from the website encouraging real-time conversations. In a multitasking world, one can chat on a window with your agent while simultaneously doing their work. If your company deals in online businesses then you get to meet your customers on common ground. Your clients will surely appreciate the efficiency and output. With live chat software, you can provide a transcript of the conversation to your customer for reference too. It also keeps the background information on record for another support contact made later.

Leverage Your Investment
Customer support often does not come cheap for companies. The larger the company, the more the customer support investment. Live Chat software provides your agents with multiple conversations, unlike what happens on a phone call. Likewise it can reduce the costs incurred in recruiting customer support personnel. It also maintains a database of records thus economizing your time, follow-up and success of conversion.
Because it provides customer data from other sources: Different live chat softwares track different things while in use. So you could keep a track of data, such as the location – determined by IP – as well as any of the external referral links which provided them access to you. An opportunity to utilize consumer data would then make providing services easy for your team. Live Chat guides the buying process through a series of touch-points. The more effective the live chat strategy, the more improved customer experience.

Because it helps grow your sales: When prospects have reached the point of purchase, live chat can help move them through the indefinite path of choice making to become a customer. Customers facing an indecision abandon their shopping carts, but live chats drive the customers to the right person who can address such concerns. With strategically placed triggers on the webpage, you moderate the client into finding out the choice best suited for him. Your chat questions directed to an agent knowledgeable about that specific need can further ease the web traffic handling too.

There is a plethora of live chat solutions presently available, but JOLEADO’s Live Chat is among the best which brings to you the most satisfying user experience which you want to provide to your customers in this New Year.

Tips To Win Customer Trust And Loyalty

Customers don’t buy from untrusted businesses, end of story! But building trust for a healthy customer/business relationship need not be difficult. Yes, your effort is a compulsory part of it, but the steps that will get you there are easy if you are willing to keep an open, honest, and efficient communication with your customers.

Here are some of the best practices which your customer service team can use to build a long-lasting, reliable relationship with your customers:

Be Professional
This is a given formula – a customer service representative who acts professionally is sure to gain the respect, trust, and loyalty of the customer. Since your customer service reps are in constant association with your customer base, they need to act according to the demands of their position to gain the customer’s confidence.

Connect With Customers Through Social Media
Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are some shortcuts to connect with your customers. These become helpful especially if you have an e-commerce business with no physical connection.
In a study conducted in 2014 from Deloitte, 75% of online American customers gave the feedback that the product information read on social channels to a great degree influences their behavior and inculcates in them the brand loyalty. Social media is the right place to provide customers with product information, reviews from other customers thereby linking the brand customers as a group, and also a fast interactive platform with customer service team. These factors foster a trusting relationship between customer and company.

Display And Respond To Customer Reviews – Both Good And Bad
Customers review smartly; if a business only posts good reviews of itself, they read through it immediately. Customer trust can be gained by this simple rule of being transparent about the reviews your business is getting. It is also effected when you are responding to both the good and bad reviews. Customer service reps who reach out to reviewers present themselves as ones who care about what customers think and also that they are receptive of suggestions and critique.

Offer Live Chats
Majority of customers will look for a support system that offers live chat too i.e. Customer Support Live Chat. This cuts out on the long wait periods that come unwantedly with email or phone service. Live chats on the other hand provide customers the better option to have their queries answered almost immediately. If your business website has a live chat option, customers are more likely to believe that you will be able to connect with them about their problem. Even if they don’t use the chat option, having it on the website is enough to reassure them of help if they need it anytime.

Give Prompt Responses To Inquiries
When a customer poses a questions or voices his concern regarding your product or your services, they expect a quick response and timely resolution. The best possible thing to do to gain their trust for your company is to respond to all inquiries as soon as possible; no customer who is kept waiting and receives no reply will stay for long with your business so, will be less willing to contact or be associated with you for future transactions.

Be Consistent Across The Board
The customer service you provide should always be consistent. Whether a customer contacts you via phone, email, live chat, or social media, each customer service representative should act respectfully and professionally while answering their questions. A customer gets frustrated and confused when different people give different answers to a single question. It may even be taken as an indicator of your own confused understanding of your own product. Consistent performance on the other hand shows customers that their trust in your service will always meet their standards and is not misplaced. Live Chat templates really help to channel consistent responses based upon common customer inquiries. You should take the time to setup a powerful and easy-to-administer Live Chat library of responses.

Admit Mistakes And Fix Them Too
If something goes wrong (even if it is due to customer’s fault), the best path your customer service team can follow is to admit the mistake, address the issue, apologize for the inconvenience faced, and offer solutions to their problems. The plus point in it is that customers will appreciate your dedication to customer satisfaction and will put their trust on you and your team who are taking steps to avoid the issue in future. If a mistake is to occur, these very customers will fall back upon the trust based on previous experiences that the support team will again handle the problem.

Value EACH of Your Customers
More than anything else, let your customers know that you appreciate them. The customer/service relationship is valuable for long-term gains and if customers perceive that you are making an effort to build and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship, they will be more likely to stay in the long run. The customer experience is the top priority of any business, so you need to give them strong reasons to believe you – they have a right to it.

With these major points at the back of your mind, check out Joleado’s live chat for the benefits it can provide you to maintain a stable relationship with your customers.

Live Chat Software – A Window into Your CRM

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Successful Lead Management and Salesforce Automation relies upon an investment of time and resources into a quality CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. In organizations large and small, often the demand for the simple contradicts the need for intelligence. Put simply, CRM users require easy and friendly workflow while management requires meaningful KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) so they can make informed decisions. At times, these two forces work against each-other to assure a determined Business Development Culture (BDC).

Live Chat software for Website untied from the CRM, even if transcribed, distracts from the need for intelligent data, but we tolerate and justify its isolated use because it is direct communication with the customer and often pays customer service dividends. But what about the online visitor desirous for a meaningful user pre-sales experience?

When we visit a website today, the conversion strategies are peppered throughout our experience. We are asked to enter our information with the promise for something. It is often never a promise to hear from our sales staff, why is that? But I digress. We want information or a callback or something, even if it is just an email so we can recall visiting the website. The point is, our conversion strategy is to retrieve contact information to feed our hungry CRM. But what did the visitor actually tell us?

Similarly, when we visit a website and are bombarded with a proactive chat window less than 10 seconds after your visit asking you to discuss your online experience, you walk away determined to discover elsewhere. When live chat is always offline due to lack of resources to pick-up a live call and answers the same question for the 100th time, perhaps it is time to rethink everything we know about live chat, the technology. Yes, you picked up the live chat in record time, but no, you failed to nurture the lead to a sale.

Live Chat As A Window into CRM

What if live chat, the technology, could be leveraged to nurture a relationship, not just a CRM conversion metric? We refer to live chat as a window into your CRM, the first step of your relationship with a potential customer, why would we think of it as just a conversation metric and not a relationship?

After all, what is a CRM if not for the journey of an interested or not-so-interested prospect triggering their interest in your product or service by taking some action intended or otherwise? We have come to use live chat for the mundane and failed to unleash its tremendous power for the pre-sales collection of intelligence. Put bluntly, the technology of Live Chat can and should trigger a nurturing relationship with your sales process, most importantly with your sales reps, instead of being treated as a necessary customer service outlet.
If I could bring you 50 prospects that filled out a contact us form on your website in a 24-hour period, would you consider this a conversion success?

If out of the same 50 prospects, I instead brought 15 fully vetted through an approval process, a scheduled appointment and with the incentive to buy – which would you prefer?
The psychology of live chat provides a unique ability to generate a relationship with the online prospect, but far too often companies do not think of it this way. Instead, they rationalize it as a support resource, an operational necessity. When indeed, the power of live chat software to consume a prospect into a relationship they control, the mindset shifts from a meaningless contact us form to a qualified relationship – even if just for now, the relationship is with your CRM.

Try Joleado’s Live Chat Software now to convert more traffic into sales.

Upload and Share Files Using Promotional URLs

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It is easy to upload and send files using JOLEADO’s uploader located in the document management system.

Uploading files and relating them to a Contact, Project or Task record has significant value to managing your business.  In this video, we outline the different interfaces for uploading files.  We begin with our Docs tab.  When uploading files to Docs, they are not related to a contact, project or task.  This is useful for website or marketing files, for example.

From your Docs tab > click on Add File

There are 2 options:

  • Quick Add – Quick Add is a quick method for adding files under 5-10 MB
  • File Uploader – Uploader is a large file option

The Quick add is a simple browse for your local file and click on submit.

For the uploader, there are 2 steps, first browse your local hard drive for the file you wish to upload, then once staged, click on Upload Now.  This could take some time depending on the size of the file.  Once fully uploaded, a Success window will appear letting you know the file is successfully been added to the server (Remove Files).  Click on Submit 100% Uploaded button or Close [Not Save] to cancel.

The other options are to relate the file to a Contact, Project, Task or Online Case – we use inside JOLEADO a Contact Record to illustrate this interface.

Click Docs > Add Doc

You can add many files under 5-10MB, also Large File Upload and even a google doc or link with a description.  All entries will save under the Docs tab in the Contact or Project Records.

How to Send a File & Generate a Promotional URL

JOLEADO is an online server.  You can upload files and relate them to a contact or project record.

These server based links will download the file from the JOLEADO server, instead of the traditional method of sending email messages with large files.

In this video, we tour the contact record and documents tab to illustrate how to send a file.  You can also use the same methods in your project or job folder.

From the contacts tab, click into the contact record.

Click on Docs

You can add documents directly or from an online form, event, task or job.

To add a file direct, click on Add Doc.

Upload your file or files then click on Submit.

Files that appear under the Docs tab can immediately be emailed by clicking on the email icon at right, under options or select the record and click on Send Files – this is the same action.

A window will appear.  Note in the screenshot, I am sending a 17MB file in an email.  Once sent, there is a record of my sending the email in the notes of this record.

Another method for sending files is by using the Docs tab in JOLEADO.

Click on the Docs tab

Once your file has been added, locate the eFile icon under options

Your file options are to open in a browser, Inline or Download directly.

Once you have selected the correct option, copy the file link and this will open your file.

NOTE: This is a long, ugly link, so you can shorten the link and give it meaning by using the promo URL Option.

Click on Forms > Promo URL

Your JOLEADO domain, like http://

Can now have a file related to it


First define the link with text after /

Then enter a description and paste the Docs eFile link to your Custom URL.

This link is now hot, and will open your file.

You can share it in an email, social media advertisement or in other marketing opportunities.


Online Forms and Workflow

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The big idea surrounding JOLEADO Online Forms is to trigger workflow from a lead or customer entering information into a form.  When a form is submitted these properties do/can occur:

  • Always triggers or update a contact record
  • Can trigger partner accounts, projects, tasks, online case, PDFs, quotes
  • Forms can trigger a change in rep and/or status
  • JOLEADO forms can be used inside of a Live Chat engagement
  • Form fields can trigger equations and other workflow

From the online form builder, you can toggle workflow that occurs when the form is submitted.  Options include:

  • Update the Rep
  • Generate a Case
  • Generate a Partner or Affiliate
  • Change Status (very good for email templates)
  • Generate Task
  • Generate a Project
  • Generate a Quote
  • Send the Quote
  • Even integrate into a 3rd party system

Routing and Notifications can be setup once the form is submitted.  You can generate a custom email template, send a receipt of the form and notify internal team members, even generate a PDF of the form.

Developers and designers have desired flexibility as JOLEADO uses an open source editor for coding forms.  If you do not have marketing resources to build your desired form, it is no problem, there are many mobile responsive templates to choose from.

You will find field setup is vast and powerful to comply with your requirements.

Now let’s look at a JOLEADO experience and how we can use the form from any Live Chat experience.  Hover the call to action from any public website, including partner sites and social media advertisements or landing pages.

Once the form is submitted, our new contact is created, the form is related to the contact record with a new status and easily exported and managed.

When determined to work for your business, you can also generate a project , directly from the online form and relate the customer to the job, even generate a quote letter – all in code, tremendous time savings and efficiencies.