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When discussing Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), there are often discussions around “the P word” because some developers warry around implying that anything is possible. In a recent New York Times article discussing A.I and earthquake predictions

Well aware of past earthquake prediction failures, scientists are cautious when asked how much progress they have made using A.I. Some in the field refer to prediction as “the P word,” because they do not even want to imply it is possible.

Far be it for me to imply our live chat software can be as consequential as predicting earthquakes, however in business, A.I. Live Chat I would submit is already beginning to hit the market like an earthquake, albeit metaphorically speaking.

Think of live chat as a window into your CRM. With A.I., businesses can push required logic to the chat experience that empowers automation sales reps can use to close more deals. The first decision to make is what will your live chat bot look like during the daytime hours? Then what will be the purpose of your live chat bot in the evening shifts?

WordPress Plugin

To turn on live chat using wordpress, the JOLEADO plugin is available from your WP add plug-in directory, simply search for JOLEADO. Once your profiles are determined, login credentials are sent via email. The system comes with defaults for live chat that are preset, and there are training videos to provide an overview of what to do when a live chat comes in. A suggested start would be here and here.

This will setup your preset Live Chat defaults. You can immediately begin to accept chats from your website. JOLEADO Live Chat will sustain your online experience nicely.

But how will JOLEADO Live Chat software work to grow your business?

Often referred to as Conversational Marketing, the ideal description for the desired user experience, the purpose is to guide the chat experience through a series of required information to build customer profiles, to quote, schedule a meeting, provide incentives, and even checkout.

Build Customer Profiles

This strategy can work both for live chat (human) or automated live chat (bot), you begin by greeting the online visitor, then prompting them as if in a conversation, like “Can you provide your phone number for me?” “Which location would you prefer, we have 80 to choose from” or “Which product are you interested in?” This is a much different chat experience, as all responses are conversational, direct and yes, databased to the contact record.

What this means is you’re not just chatting with a prospective client, you are getting closer to doing business with them – this is a game changer.

Generate a Quote

One of the evening options is to generate a quote and even send to the prospect before your sales team wakes up in the morning. Great for businesses who need to qualify a bit of information before able to quote – JOLEADO Live Chat can steer the requirements, and then present your prospect with a quote – all through the live chat conversational marketing bot.

Schedule a Meeting

JOLEADO Live Chat can book appointments to your calendar, also serve your customers and prospects by offering them a method to reschedule – all inside live chat. This convenience provides reps the opportunity to close more business while JOLEADO manages their calendar. Additionally, for consultants, scheduling a 1-hour discovery meeting for a fee can be a great lead generator. Using live chat to make your introduction secures the booking and reduces no shows.

Promotional Incentives

On average, the digital coupon redemption rate is approximately 77% significantly higher than print coupons. Offering coupons upon conclusion of your conversion inside of the chat session builds rapport and generates a higher closing ratio.


Nothing underscores the attitude of a lead than a paying customer. When money exchanges hands, you have a committed customer. Different than eCommerce, Live Chat commerce engages and closes at the personal level.

Build your call-to-action to drive a specific and targeted lead. One that has purpose for taking action like “Schedule 1-hour w/our Lead Engineer Now!” “Get Approved for $5,000” “Open an Account Right Now!” All of these can determine the requirements to build a quote and then invoice and accept payment all through the single live chat experience. The result is a transformation of your website from a transactional presence to a conversational relationship using an automated live chat, JOLEADO.

Cheaper isn’t always better

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When Purchasing Software is “Too Easy”

With the holidays approaching, consumers often are looking for the best deal.

In this shopping season, over 2000 consumers told PwC they will spend an average of $1,250 each this holiday on gifts, travel, and entertainment, an increase of 5% over last year.

For many retailers, that is good news. Plenty of annual strategic planning will be realized as manufacturers tweak product, price and psychology to make this their best shopping performance yet.

A favorite read for any software sales rep is SoftWAR, by Matthew Symonds. In it, Matthew details the inner strategies and discussions around how Larry Ellison positioned Oracle to become one of the greatest software success stories of all times. “There is no better software than software people actually use” rang true then, as it does today. But often the best deal for the consumer is not a fair deal for the vendor. When asked, “how much is this going to cost me?” often Larry’s response is “you’re asking the wrong question – the question you should be asking is how much are you going to make?”

Let’s run through a few pricing pitfalls software consumers find frustrating or even fatal.

Software should be strategic

When making a software decision, be aware that in some cases, the company or department you are today is not the company you will be in a year or 5-years from now. You should aim at software that can adapt to 60-70% of your today’s core requirement(s), but be flexible enough to handle the 40-50% of tomorrow’s vision. Scalability should be a key feature in any software decision.

Make software a relationship

It is easy in today’s quick google search and free-trial world to lose sight of one of the key components when purchasing software: Relationship with the software team. Even if the application is a wordpress widget, gaining access to a project manager or team is or will become a core component in determining a positive experience. This is especially true when software is considered a growth vehicle – at some point you’re going to need to engage with the software team to assure your requirements are met or to assure proper alignment with and/or training your team.

Free Trials

Controversial as it may seem, don’t make a free trial about price. Free trials should be about opportunity. An opportunity for 1-person in your organization to commit to onboard the software to ID if it is the right fit. Depending on the depth of software this should take no more than 14-28 days. Ask questions to the developers of the software to get a feel for support, make this a priority.

Caution against “too easy”

Working with hundreds of companies over the years – we have found companies that stress ease-of-use over and over as their core requirement are in a constant state of purchasing software. They often do not take the time to invest into their software purchases and often lash out that the software had problems when the core issue generally stems from a lack of priority, setup and implementation from the start. Try to resist the urge to be so incredibly easy that you miss the scalable component. Software has to be easy to use, get that, but be aware that too easy generally means the software lacks capability. Growing companies should blend ease-of-use with long-term scalability, commitment, setup and training for best results.


Going back to Larry Ellison: There is no better software than software people actually use.Users need to be groomed into optimizing the experience. It should not be forced all in 1-session. Best approach is a train-the-trainer over a week-to-week short sessions, depending on the software choice. Appoint a single person from your team to work with the software and assure it is optimized for your current requirement(s). Then roll-out to additional members of your team, either with the software vendor or not – but better with, if possible, to assure alignment occurs. Share feedback with the software team to make them aware of core usage points or even key objections. It is important to make the software project manager a part of your team to assure alignment – this approach provides optimal Return on Investment (ROI) and acclimation to your working environment,

Integrate or not to Integrate?

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Collaboration impacts major internal as well as external factors for adopting virtual integration strategies. Careful analysis should always be considered with the adoption process leading key decision proposals.

Integrating Live Chat systems with back-office workflow can be highly effective as Live Chat becomes more and more aligned with the sales pipeline and fulfillment operations. Faced with more and more global competition, more and more companies are looking to the benefits of pushing back-office workflows into the live chat experience. Moreover, as automation bot technology takes hold, the live chat experience is the perfect and logical evolution of conversational marketing.

But when to integrate? When evaluating live chat systems, 64% of shoppers will chose the first live chat system the click on. This is both a reflection on the evolution of the live chat market and the assumption that live chat supports the online visitor, or sustains the business not grow the business. Over time, this is changing as the live chat experience can target and push desired responses.

Many reading this may have never considered that live chat can be a virtual sales rep or scheduling assistant or your most effective closer. The time to flip your current impression of live chat is now.

The new new thing is live chat as a dynamic window into your contact management system (CRM) and operational fulfillment system (ERP). From the live chat experience, visitors aim to do business thus your approach should service this need or leave money on the table.

So then, this leads us to integration. Say you are a property owner with 2500 apartments to rent. You receive 25 applications a day, most of which are not routed to the correct location or are incomplete and thus require operational delay. The first point to determine is can we push that 25 applications per day to 40 or 60 or even 100+. How would your current operational process have to change to support this growth?

The live chat experience transforms to a call to action 24/7/365 –

Apply Now and Get $200 off your first month!

You integrate the conversation responses with your back office system so there is as minimal human intervention as possible – if at all. You could even integrate with your payment system and accept a down-payment inside the chat experience and thus separate the serious from the drive-by shopper. But why stop there? You can also schedule an appointment to your showroom or office by pushing your integrated calendar directly to the chat experience. Closed!

By now, you might be thinking, “Wait! This is not live chat”! Your’re right – it is not. It is JOLEADO.

JOLEADO can be live chat or it can be an automated closer 24/7/365. Reps have the option to join an automated experience in progress during reasonable business hours or they can hold off and just use it as an automated sales assistant. Even if you currently use a live chat service, JOLEADO can complement your sales and marketing strategy by integrating operations to your current online approach when it makes sense.

Further and lastly, supply chain engagements are often overlooked and often sloppy when collecting necessary information to take action. JOLEADO Supply Chat generates a one-on-one engagement between the supplier and his/her sales rep. Sales reps are more productive, less disorganized as JOLEADO automates much of the mundane work that often risks losing a sale or disrupting a customer.

A Different Kind Customer Experience – JOLEADO Live Chat

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JOLEADO Live Chat Software is different because it does not require on-staff resources to power the chat – this provides access to companies and businesses who may not be able to afford on-staff 24/7/365 human response. This automated Live Chat experience is both a good strategy for your company and also rewards your visitor with an easy way to do business.

JOLEADO offers customers to hold and wait for the rep to join the chat or the visitor can choose to proceed with the automated love chat bot. This proactive approach transforms live chat into a sales system then rather not just a support tool.

JOLEADO challenges its customers to rethink live chat as a window into your CRM or your pipeline strategy as it can bring the online visitor closer to your sale process. It’s amazingly cool when considering the effectiveness and efficiencies of your sales team.


JOLEADO’s primary service is integrating the live chat experience with the selling process. Capturing quote requirements, scheduling appointments, providing promotional incentives to take action, pre-approvals, even commerce are all JOLEADO services that can help your business convert and close more online and offline sales.


Response time to a live chat visitor is essential to customer service. Offering an automated option puts the customer in control of response time and provides your call center with the necessary cushion to assure optimal customer satisfaction. JOLEADO’s live chat features many of the traditional features such as BAN IP, Chat History, Template Libraries, Reporting, et al. that you come to expect from a Live Chat provider. Reps can also push form fields, appointments, incentives in the live chat experience making all the difference between traditional live chat and JOLEADO Systems.

JOLEADO Tech is Easy and Smooth

When the technical aspect of keeping and/or maintaining a customer support center is less to minimal, then the staff needed to operate it lessens and obviously brings in less sophistication with it for the business or company which has other things to focus on. It also makes it easier in accessibility for the small- or medium-scale corporations. It has simple and easy-to-use installation codes that help to make the entire work of the operator into the faultless work done by the humanized and automated live chat software.

Rewarding Customer Experience

JOLEADO does not treat live chat as a support system to help those in trouble alone. It has aimed to prove itself validated even when it is approached by those who need help in simple decision making processes when they shop online. This experience of having someone to consult or seek affirmation about buying a product builds a relationship of trust in the customers who appreciate the initiative taking by the companies or businesses.

JOLEADO is strategic as well as a tactical

The outline designed for JOLEADO is not limited to the trouble-shooting of immediate customer problems which keep cropping up. It has strategical plans too which aims to resolve many things once and for all. One such problem is when clients ask the same question multiple times. JOLEADO makes it possible to keep some answers ready-made for the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). This process makes the customer service faster and more genuine than any other method can.

Joleado admits no Human Fallibility

JOLEADO has an automation that keeps its data recorded safely. This may have future usage in getting customer problems under control or even in getting different agents a single background history of one customer. It also keeps the customer’s data to be able to use it as referents later in the future when same problems arise.

Joleado uses Customer Data to keep them updated about Products

JOLEADO uses the private data of the customer for many purposes that benefit both the customer and the company. Often the customer has only a vague knowledge of how his/her preferences are known by the service provider or business, and in other cases, it is requires an informed consent from the customer’s end. The data is used to provide the company with hints which enable it to offer different services and products that the customer likes and may find useful. It also enables the customer to customize the online service experience of the customer according to the customer’s liking.

JOLEADO eases appointment making and makes it directly connected to calendar

The online calendar allows JOLEADO to give the option to customers to schedule their appointments according their time and as per the time available up on display. This saves the customers the hassle of having to miss other things to be able to keep the appointment or do otherwise. It also respects the time keeping for both the sides at both ends and also allows meetings to flow smoothly. The company also gets time to maintain a presentation according to the preference of the customer.

JOLEADO Makes Use of the Latest Online Marketing Strategies

JOLEADO offers the best of the online marketing strategies which have not been common yet its potential of bringing in a huge traffic of visitors to the company’s website has been agreed upon by those in this field. Joleado has brought into its wake a new kind of marketing which does not wait for the customer to offer the service provider a chance to present its case. Rather the service provider can now move quickly into the customer’s life and offer the kind of services it provides which act as a kind of lure which make the customer fall for it because of its appeal and how fulfilling it is because it is customized especially for each individual customer.

Joleado has made marketing itself as an accessible commodity

Joleado has brought the best strategies of marketing into the hands of even those companies and businesses which previously has no means of doing so. The companies of small or medium scale expanse can also use the services of JOLEADO and enlarge their client base. Without even a huge operational team employed behind the monitor screen, a company can easily make use of JOLEADO and its automation to actualize their dream of reaching out to the maximum possible customers with their kind of services and products.

JOLEADO has the best back-office suite

JOLEADO’s back-office suite is one which suits well with the overall quality of service which it has to offer its clients. The clients (companies or businesses) need not then have to worry about the quality or even the speed of JOLEADO’s services. It is monitored and set up according to the needs of the client company. JOLEADO with its advanced back-end office has proved its worth in the market competition by the success rate and level of its client companies.

JOLEADO offers widget option for easy access

Within the company website, the widget option acts as the portal of easy accessibility for customers. JOLEADO keeps the live chat option as the widget that is present on every page of the website so that it is easily found and more often used for both consultation and feedback. Joleado’s widget also allows pop-ups to offer help to clients who seem to be in need or in a fix. This practice approach brings more confidence in the customer to ask question if they feel the need to.

JOLEADO thus proves itself beyond doubt to be the best of softwares for live chat, with its emphasis on the improvement of the client’s service providing capacity. When you get to hear of live chat, remember JOLEADO is way ahead of live chat with its special features that formulate the ‘JOLEADO Live Chat’. The companies which feel the need to go out into the market competition fully armed and prepared to draw in the maximum number of customers must use the services of JOLEADO to ease their work a lot much because JOLEADO can feel the pulse of the customer and even their needs and requirements which companies can use to leverage the sale of their product and/or service.

5 Reasons Why Live Chat is a Must-have for Your Business

When a number of ways for customers to contact support-team for a business are strewn around on Internet, including email, phone, and social media, then, is live chat any more important than them? Live chat software surely is worth the risk for your business to invest in and not even be a straw for your support team to manage. It would be a great addition for major businesses and we will try to elaborate on some reasons to consider it.

Immediate help
Live chat allows customers to connect with you immediately without hunting for a phone number or drilling into the support section of your website. You can engage them immediately for help from any page of the website. This leads customers to make a positive estimate of your services. It also keeps you a step ahead in market competition.

Gathers and Records data
Through live chats you can also save the transcripts to use them to determine better ways to improve your service. Length is one factor that decides whether the customer support rep was able to quickly resolve the problem? Orr were there more steps than necessary involved during the chat? You can also scan up the keywords from the chats. Common problems showing up in a live chat indicates that your self-service support needs improvement. The chat data is also handy beyond the moment of a specific customer connection because it can help you go in for sending them better options and newer products that you have on your shelf.

Increase in conversions
Users have a short attention span when they are online. When an online website doesn’t meet their demands or come up with answers to their questions quickly, prospects leave and current customers get frustrated. With a live chat option, you connect with the prospect at that very point of decision making. You can either make them commit to a purchase right at the moment – at the very least complete a micro-action indicating interest in becoming customers – or they can leave the site never to return. If you are quick and have 24*7 online presence using live chat option, then you can connect with them before they leave. For your current customers, it would mean a continuance of finding your services favorable and to encourage increased sales in the future.

Maintains Agent efficiency
In alive chat experience, multi-campaign management is a boon. Agents are enabled assist multiple online visitors in a single application. It saves time and improves efficiency in that many customers can be addressed within the same working hours but faster than in any other system of company support. Plus it is in tune with the fast-paced tech-crazy world, so your clients will only appreciate it and nothing else.

Consider Offline Chat Strategies – Lead Generation Software
Live Chat strategies are evolving all of the time. Even if you leverage online live chat, you might consider empowering your offline toolkit. Offline Chat Strategies can become powerful lead generation tactics. To leverage offline strategies, businesses empower their brand during off hours. Offline conversions are shown to increase 153% month over month with an effective offline strategy and well marketed website or social media campaign.

Empower your Business
Software integration costs are declining with the years, and these tools are now the parameters of successful businesses. Empowering your business with Live Chat and Offline Strategies are keys to a successful online conversion strategy.
Visit JOLEADO Live Chat Software today and learn more about Live Chat Software and Offline Conversion strategies. We work with businesses of all sizes to impact sales through online conversions off back-office team empowerment.