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Message Board and Online Case for Users

November 29th, 2017IN Blog, live chat by

Message Boards – An Overview

JOLEADO: Message Board Overview from JOLEADO Systems on Vimeo.

JOLEADO has a built in Online Case system we call the message board.  The reason we do not call it the Online Case system is generally Online Case implies post sales, more of a support tool.

JOLEADO Message Board List View
JOLEADO Editor User View JOLEADO Message Board JOLEADO Message Board JOLEADO Online Case KPI

The JOLEADO message board can be used for both support and sales.  You can use the message board to onboard leads, new customers and suppliers so each can collaborate with sales, support and even external manufacturers.

The purpose of this post is to provide an overview of how the message board works.

JOLEADO users can click on Message Board from their main menu to view their open cases.

Reference for list view can be a contact or a project record.

Status includes

  • Open
  • Awaiting Feedback – a message has been posted by an attendee and is awaiting feedback from rep
  • Replied – awaiting feedback from the attendee

The name we use for non-users is ‘Attendees’; they will receive opposite status as they await response from the admin.

Users can manage attendees by clicking on the button = Attendees.

NOTE: Managing Attendees is only available to JOLEADO users, not customers, vendors or partners.

From the Customer Center – a secure and private portal for customers, vendors and partners to engage with your company – a customer can immediately view incoming messages from your company – the click on Reply and this will open the message board.

Also from the Customer Center, customers, vendors and partners, can open their own case – by clicking on Create Case from the Dashboard KPI.

They enter a subject and a body and submit the record.  The Rep is notified.

NOTE: Customers do not have the option to add attendees or alert them – attendees will always be alerted.  Here is a copy of the email the rep will receive.

JOLEADO Email Alert JOLEADO Message Board List JOLEADO Online Case Open JOLEADO Message Board

The message board for the rep, has the option to see details above the message.

Customers can review and track online cases in their center.

Important to note that in list view, users do not have the ability to Add a new case.

Generating a new online case can be done at several locations in the application.

For Users, Contact and Project records under the Message Board tab is the most common – so the case is related to a contact or a project.

Once posted, the Rep has options on the left, including to generate a task in 1-click and/or alerting other team members.  This is a nice feature as the user will not be forced to copy and paste to generate the task, the system accepts the post as the task description.

This concludes our overview of the JOLEADO Message Board and Online Case System.

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