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Online Forms and Workflow

September 7th, 2017IN Blog, live chat use cases by

The big idea surrounding JOLEADO Online Forms is to trigger workflow from a lead or customer entering information into a form.  When a form is submitted these properties do/can occur:

  • Always triggers or update a contact record
  • Can trigger partner accounts, projects, tasks, online case, PDFs, quotes
  • Forms can trigger a change in rep and/or status
  • JOLEADO forms can be used inside of a Live Chat engagement
  • Form fields can trigger equations and other workflow

From the online form builder, you can toggle workflow that occurs when the form is submitted.  Options include:

  • Update the Rep
  • Generate a Case
  • Generate a Partner or Affiliate
  • Change Status (very good for email templates)
  • Generate Task
  • Generate a Project
  • Generate a Quote
  • Send the Quote
  • Even integrate into a 3rd party system

Routing and Notifications can be setup once the form is submitted.  You can generate a custom email template, send a receipt of the form and notify internal team members, even generate a PDF of the form.

Developers and designers have desired flexibility as JOLEADO uses an open source editor for coding forms.  If you do not have marketing resources to build your desired form, it is no problem, there are many mobile responsive templates to choose from.

You will find field setup is vast and powerful to comply with your requirements.

Now let’s look at a JOLEADO experience and how we can use the form from any Live Chat experience.  Hover the call to action from any public website, including partner sites and social media advertisements or landing pages.

Once the form is submitted, our new contact is created, the form is related to the contact record with a new status and easily exported and managed.

When determined to work for your business, you can also generate a project , directly from the online form and relate the customer to the job, even generate a quote letter – all in code, tremendous time savings and efficiencies.