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Organizing Leads Using the Status Feature

JOLEADO uses Status to align your contact list or project performance to your pipeline.  A status is the stage related to becoming a customer or awarded project.

In this video, we use only contact status for training – you could apply the same logic for your project status list.  Ok, let’s get started.

First, we need to build the status list to align your status to your sales pipeline.

From the main menu, click on Lists.  Then Contacts > Status

From the list, toggles will snap status related to Pending/Appointments/Customers/Lost and Inactive – we will see how this works when we click on contacts and open the contact record.

Example list:

LEAD-Appt Set
LEAD-Appt Show


First, let’s look at some examples and explain best practices using the contact filter to display each status list.

The objective is to create a simple and easy to manage status list that does not do too much.  Reps just do not use complicated and micromanaged progress rules.

Here are a few examples. Click on the image to expand all three examples.

Our first example is just right for reps to manage.

This second status filter works way to hard to manage every aspect of the contact pipeline, be careful – reps will ignore it.  Also, far too much redundancy.  [This may work for large enterprise closing 8 deals a year, but for most companies, way too much here.]

This status filter may be too simple, but it does work to clearly define: New Lead, Pending, Customer, and Inactive.

Avoid redundant or confusing terms.  Only use broad terms that fit each phase a contact will progress through.  Use Autoresponder to tie a cold lead to a 7-day campaign or a customer to a monthly newsletter.  See autoresponder help for tips.

So now, we can see how in a contact record, JOLEADO makes it easy for Reps to select a state and the status will snap according to your setup.  Customer will snap to customer.  Inactive will snap inactive and so forth.

Reps can also manually select from the status

So now, reps can quickly update status and move the record to the related tab from the contact record.