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Chat has The Highest Customer Satisfaction of any customer service channel


Projected rate of chat adoption growth from 2016-2020


Average increase in revenue per chat hour.

Enforce Custom Business Rules

  • Empowered CRM, world-class and meaningful workflows

  • Add contact information through online forms, imports, API's, chat, social media, manual input

  • Target operations and/or partners through account generation, task assignment, form routing

  • Email Autoresponder * Conversion Builder

  • Build completely custom interfaces that are hosted within JOLEADO using custom interfaces

  • Embed custom interfaces into standard or custom workflows

  • Build completely custom back-end processes, save and then white-label for massive expanding markets - your business is the thought leader, leverage it

  • Interact with externally hosted forms and capture data using custom back-end processes for use within JOLEADO

  • Manage and Route workflow using multiple location engine

  • File upload, sharing and collaboration through centers, case management, chat

  • Custom Multi-stepped workflows - customize workflows by automatically creating new records and redirecting users to specific pages

  • Enforce Custom Data Validation

  • API Integration (Your system, not ours)

  • Send email alerts based upon complex criteria across multiple records and record types

  • Communicate with external data sources and applications -- sharing and updating information between systems

  • Customer Self-Service Portal

  • Schedule Tasks such as emails/record creation

  • Case Escalation

  • Portlet Scripts -- pull data from external applications and present in JOLEADO dashboard

  • Restrict/ assign ability based on user role

  • Secure and DOJ Encrypted, password protected

  • Order Management: Quote directly from customer form under a single Contact or Project Record

  • Order Management: Merge Base Bid (Master Quote) + Unlimited Alt Bids in 1 Click

  • Order Management: Turn Quote to Sales Order in 1-Click

  • Order Management: From Sales Order to Purchase Order(s) in 1-click

  • Order Management: Invoice & Billing, Track Open Orders, Fulfillment and more...

  • Task Management: Create Task, Send Reminders, Time Tasks

  • Task Management: Turn Time to Invoice in 1 Click

  • Task Management: Manage Projects through Series of Tasks

  • Partner Management: Associate Transactions to Partners, Commission Results in Real-Time

  • Partner Management: Center Management and Report of Actionable Events

  • Partner Management: Commission Build and Deploy

Schedule and SYNC calendar and project events

  • Graphical Availability View

  • Schedule events directly from chat (game changer, rethink how your customers engage your appointment calendar)

  • Completing Activities

  • Drag & Drop Multiple Attendees into 1 Event

  • One-Click Follow-Up

  • E-mail Notification and Auto-Reminders on Activity Assignment

  • Easily Control Add Fields and Labels, Including Custom Fields

  • Multiple Location Engine Will Route and Remind Location Reps of Upcoming Appointments

  • Attach Files to Activities

  • Reminders & System Alerts

  • Attendee Request Rescheduler

  • Invite Other Attendees to Events

  • E-mail Reply to Organizer on Accept/Decline

  • Event Resource Management & Calendar

  • Graphical Event Scheduler

  • Events, tasks and calls in calendar with email notification

  • View Others Calendars

  • Task, Event & Phone Call Tracking

  • Task Alerts

  • Billable time on activities

  • SYNC Calendar with MS Outlook

Manage Contacts

  • Companies or individuals as Customers, Partners & Vendors

  • Notes Management

  • Customizable Account & Contact Categories

  • Dynamic Grouping Capabilities

  • Static Grouping Capabilities

  • Single Activity History View

  • Attach Files to Contacts

  • Associate Contact to Event, Project, Case

  • Private & Public Contacts

  • Company Associated w/Contacts, Activities, History

  • Manage Relationship Types

  • Associate Rep to Company/Contact

  • Associate Groups to Projects

  • Chat to Commerce

  • 1-Click Follow-up w/date assigned

Online Document Management + File Tree

  • Option to email encrypted file links, not file attachments

  • Smart Uploader to allow for FTP file transfer

  • Allows for Collapse of File Tree

  • System Organizes Files grouped by Contact or by Project

  • Improves Group Visibility, Access & Timely Collaborationof files

  • Site files available in tree for quick editing of graphics files on site

  • Share files with group (Requires Share Module)

  • Associate files with contacts, events, projects and cases

  • Document Management & FTP Management for small & large file sharing

Auto Associate Form Information to Contact or Project Record

  • Customize workflow by defining: Email Routing, Task Generation, Project, Order Fulfillment, Campaign Response, Item Marketing, etc.

  • Custom Territory Rules Enforced

  • Auto PDF Generation + Push Navigation

  • Incoming Form to Generate Group Task (Unlimited Depth) + Routing Rules

  • Attach Form to Contact Record

  • 1-click Auto-Reminders: Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly

  • Database Form Response

  • Affiliate Network Rules Enforced - Unique Form UID's

  • Share Forms w/Anyone

  • Associate Form with Affiliate, Employee, Partner or Customer

Mobile Responsive Chat Engagement w/Comprehensive Routing and Targeting

  • Custom Skin using our custom builder

  • Backend Call Center and Chat History report

  • File Transfer

  • On/Off Duty Reps

  • Transcripts / Reporting

  • Analytics/Tracking

  • Customizable Greetings

  • Browser Verification

  • Re-assign Rep

  • Analytics/Tracking

  • Flexible Field Setup

  • Ban IP

Custom Stores (Per Company or Per Rep/Partner)

  • Optional automatic credit card processing online

  • Market Multiple Product Lines

  • Multiple Stores, Target Multiple Markets

  • Partner Storefronts

  • Favorites

  • Related Items (Cross Selling)

  • Add to Cart

  • Credit Card vs. Invoice online orders

  • CC Fraud Protection Security Code (VISA, MC, AMEX)

  • Credit card address verification (Innovative)

  • Add Custom Fields to Registration & Checkout forms

  • Shopping Cart customization

  • Post Order Workflow Management for Quick and Accurate Processing

  • Allow Anonymous (Password-free) Shopping

  • Custom Header, Tabs and Top, Left/Right Side Menus

  • Content Manager

  • Email Page to a Friend

  • Create multiple levels of categories & sub-categories

  • Multiple layout and color scheme options

  • Image & Media Resizing

  • Thumbnail, Photo Associations

  • Completely Customizable Dynamic Site Content

  • Descriptive URLs - All website URLs can now be shortened to

  • Includes 1 Time custom graphics of header, navigation bar, icons and footer design

  • Group Items Together

  • Displays mulitple option links for store item display, per item

  • * Required Merchant Account purchased separated (Innovative Merchant Solutions, Quickbooks or Stripe)

1 Page View of all Project Timelines, Tasks, Files, Notes

  • Task Management

  • Share Projects w/Anyone, Secure Group Access

  • Share Events Related to Project

  • Share Documents Based on Roles

  • Create Online Chats Associated with Project or Events

  • Project Matrix: Create custom worksheets with column definitions (Upload Files, Text, Memo, Dates, etc)

  • Create Job Specific Workflow

  • Improves Group Visibility

  • Auto-Reminders

  • Post Bid Analysis

  • Bid Managemen: Close Date, Ship Dates, Files, Purchase Orders, Quotes, Manufacturers, Consultants, Engineers, Bidders

Generate Task from a contact and/or a project

  • Generate Task from a contact and/or a project

  • Assign Group Tasks: As one task is completed another is assigned dynamically

  • Access Task Management in Center (Employee, Customer, Vendor or Partner Centers)

  • SMS (Text) to Vendor or anyone (costs per text based on volume)

Automatically create customer invoices from billed time

  • Tracks Hours/Time

  • Online access to time card

  • Timer With Start, Stop, Pause

  • Tracks Billable Time

  • Integrated with issue management

Reward Behavior Based on Set of Predefined Terms

  • Reward Behavior Based on Set of Predefined Terms

  • System manages results of specified lead programs

  • Commission Structure Provides Incentive in Real-Time

E-mail Notification on Escalation

  • Customizable Status and Priority values

  • Auto-Escalation Rules

  • Automatic Capture of E-mail Case Replies

  • Case Reply Via E-mail

  • E-mail Case Capture & Creation

  • Customizable Case Origins & Types

  • Upload file attachments

  • Reporting By Case Age

  • Publish Case History using Customer Center

  • Auto Case Closure When Issues are Closed

  • Online Case Capture

  • Customer Self-Service Portal

  • Track agent productivity with Agent Activity report

  • Case Escalation

  • IT Service Management or HelpDesk

  • Restrict assign ability based on issue role

  • Close customer cases when all linked issues closed

  • Secure and Encrypted, password protected (Optional)

A. Incoming Integration:

  • 3rd party XML and Webservices gateway

  • 3rd party xls, csv and text based data sources

  • 3rd party customized binary stream and xml data

  • Remote FTP/HTTP data sources

  • Regular databases, such as Oracle, MSSQL Server and MySQL Server etc.

  • B. Outgoing Integration:

  • 3rd party merchant gateway

  • Online HTTP XML and Webservice gateway

  • .csv exporting

  • Distributed sub-systems services

  • Distributed logging and referral reporting services

  • Distributed email scheduling and delivering services

Servers are located in Softlayer datacenters w/SSAE 16 certificate

  • Using dedicated servers, with Private Cloud computing

  • Running on linux CENT OS, with HTTP SSL links, with DES encryption URLs

  • System

  • Java

  • Linux Server

  • MySQL Database

  • Apache Webserver

  • Tomcat Java/JSP Server

  • Secure XML Gateway

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