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Upload and Share Files Using Promotional URLs

September 7th, 2017IN Blog, live chat use cases by

It is easy to upload and send files using JOLEADO’s uploader located in the document management system.

Uploading files and relating them to a Contact, Project or Task record has significant value to managing your business.  In this video, we outline the different interfaces for uploading files.  We begin with our Docs tab.  When uploading files to Docs, they are not related to a contact, project or task.  This is useful for website or marketing files, for example.

From your Docs tab > click on Add File

There are 2 options:

  • Quick Add – Quick Add is a quick method for adding files under 5-10 MB
  • File Uploader – Uploader is a large file option

The Quick add is a simple browse for your local file and click on submit.

For the uploader, there are 2 steps, first browse your local hard drive for the file you wish to upload, then once staged, click on Upload Now.  This could take some time depending on the size of the file.  Once fully uploaded, a Success window will appear letting you know the file is successfully been added to the server (Remove Files).  Click on Submit 100% Uploaded button or Close [Not Save] to cancel.

The other options are to relate the file to a Contact, Project, Task or Online Case – we use inside JOLEADO a Contact Record to illustrate this interface.

Click Docs > Add Doc

You can add many files under 5-10MB, also Large File Upload and even a google doc or link with a description.  All entries will save under the Docs tab in the Contact or Project Records.

How to Send a File & Generate a Promotional URL

JOLEADO is an online server.  You can upload files and relate them to a contact or project record.

These server based links will download the file from the JOLEADO server, instead of the traditional method of sending email messages with large files.

In this video, we tour the contact record and documents tab to illustrate how to send a file.  You can also use the same methods in your project or job folder.

From the contacts tab, click into the contact record.

Click on Docs

You can add documents directly or from an online form, event, task or job.

To add a file direct, click on Add Doc.

Upload your file or files then click on Submit.

Files that appear under the Docs tab can immediately be emailed by clicking on the email icon at right, under options or select the record and click on Send Files – this is the same action.

A window will appear.  Note in the screenshot, I am sending a 17MB file in an email.  Once sent, there is a record of my sending the email in the notes of this record.

Another method for sending files is by using the Docs tab in JOLEADO.

Click on the Docs tab

Once your file has been added, locate the eFile icon under options

Your file options are to open in a browser, Inline or Download directly.

Once you have selected the correct option, copy the file link and this will open your file.

NOTE: This is a long, ugly link, so you can shorten the link and give it meaning by using the promo URL Option.

Click on Forms > Promo URL

Your JOLEADO domain, like http://

Can now have a file related to it


First define the link with text after /

Then enter a description and paste the Docs eFile link to your Custom URL.

This link is now hot, and will open your file.

You can share it in an email, social media advertisement or in other marketing opportunities.