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Roles: An Overview

September 7th, 2017IN Blog, Customer Services by

JOLEADO is a role-based database, meaning you can turn on and off features and then assign roles to users.  For instance, a sales rep may not have the same access as a sales manager.

This is a powerful feature for keeping you rep workflow tight and focused on only specific tasks.

The purpose of this video is not to detail each features on/off capability, only to provide an overview using a couple of simple examples.

From your dashboard click on the Roles tab.  Click on Update.  In our example, we click on Main Menu, then turn off the Forms tab.  When the toggle is on, this role will see the forms tab in the main navigation menu.  When the toggle is turned off, this role cannot see this tab.

Each tab is partitioned with the same useful on/off switches to give you maximum control over your own desired features and function.

A second, perhaps more meaningful example –  From the Roles > Main Menu tab – You can also click on Setup to change the names of the primary navigation tabs.  In our example, we can change FORMS to FORMS AND FIELDS or CONTACTS to PATIENTS.

NOTE: Setup of the navigation tabs is the only company specific function, meaning a change to the primary navigation is for all users, not role specific.  All other are specified for the selected role only.