JOLEADO Chat Setup!

Are you ready to start growing your business, increasing your bottom line and creating better relationships with your customers? Welcome to JOLEADO Chat!

We are here to help make your integration of JOLEADO Chat as painless and easy as possible for you.

Below, you will find our “5 Easy Steps” for getting your live chat up and running!

Lets’ Get Started!


A single script will be emailed to you. Copy it and paste it into the header of your website. If you aren’t sure about it, have your web designer take care of it for you!

Get Firefox

JOLEADO Chat is optimized for the Firefox Browser.
Click Here to download Firefox now!


Click on “Users Tab” in your dashboard and add your team!
Click Here
to login to your JOLEADO dashboard.

Watch This Video!


Enjoy JOLEADO Live Chat – a great tool to get closer to your market.

Help and Support

The JOLEADO Team is always here to help if you need assistance with any aspect of the installation process. We realize that there is a wide variety of CMS platforms and each requires a different approach to implementing the JOLAEDO Chat code.

If you have any questions, we will do our best to help make sure your JOLEADO user experience is best it can be!

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