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The 4 factors to becoming more customer centered!

July 30th, 2016IN Blog by

The influx of new ways to target and market to potential customers has resulted in a lack of trust in marketing messages and buyers with rapidly rising expectations.

More than ever customers desire control over the process of how companies market to them and when a sales cycle actually begins.

Additionally, customers now want marketing messages that are personalized to their specific needs and wants.

The days of being able to craft and deliver a generic marketing message are OVER!

Customers of today don’t just want a personalized sales pitch, they also want the opportunity to engage, collaborate, and have their voices heard.

If you asked them, 10 out 10 companies would tell you that they are customer-centric but almost all of them are just saying that because it’s what they think you’re supposed to say.

It is no longer good enough to simply say that your company is “customer-centric” it’s time to actually start showing your customers that they are truly the focus of your business.

Times have changed, and these 4 factors have forced businesses to become more customer centric:

  1. Public Feedback. Before social media and review sites like Yelp, company feedback was mostly collected through focus groups, surveys and the ever-elusive “word of mouth.” Social media and review sites have allowed customers to post continuous, public feedback on their own terms. This presents both a problem and opportunity for businesses. The problem is the possibility of public negative feedback. The opportunity is a chance to use new forms of technology like social media or the live chat feature we offer at Joleado systems to provide better customer service through new technology.
  2. A Public Face. Social media and review sites allow you to create a public face for the company since the public views your company as a single entity anyway, this allows you to have one person act as a public brand ambassador and take responsibility for all public feedback.
  3. Customer Service Response. Your response to customer service issues and feedback is now a matter of public record even if your company took no action at all. The social pressure of social media often forces companies to respond quickly in order to not be perceived as uncaring.
  4. Accountability To Customer-Centric Ideal. With the innovation of social media and other technology, businesses are now more accountable than ever for being customer-centric. We know about the companies who respond well to customer feedback and we know about the companies that ignore it or handle it badly. This forced accountability shows us which companies actually are customer-centric and which ones are just paying lip service.

In order to be successful in 2016 and beyond your company has to become more customer-centric.

One easy way to do this is through the use of our live chat feature which allows the customer to get a real-time response to whatever they need whether it’s scheduling an appointment, getting approved for a service or even receiving a special discount.

To learn more about how our live chat feature can make your company more customer-centric, give it a try right from email – click on the See how it works button below!

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