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Tips To Win Customer Trust And Loyalty

Customers don’t buy from untrusted businesses, end of story! But building trust for a healthy customer/business relationship need not be difficult. Yes, your effort is a compulsory part of it, but the steps that will get you there are easy if you are willing to keep an open, honest, and efficient communication with your customers.

Here are some of the best practices which your customer service team can use to build a long-lasting, reliable relationship with your customers:

Be Professional
This is a given formula – a customer service representative who acts professionally is sure to gain the respect, trust, and loyalty of the customer. Since your customer service reps are in constant association with your customer base, they need to act according to the demands of their position to gain the customer’s confidence.

Connect With Customers Through Social Media
Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are some shortcuts to connect with your customers. These become helpful especially if you have an e-commerce business with no physical connection.
In a study conducted in 2014 from Deloitte, 75% of online American customers gave the feedback that the product information read on social channels to a great degree influences their behavior and inculcates in them the brand loyalty. Social media is the right place to provide customers with product information, reviews from other customers thereby linking the brand customers as a group, and also a fast interactive platform with customer service team. These factors foster a trusting relationship between customer and company.

Display And Respond To Customer Reviews – Both Good And Bad
Customers review smartly; if a business only posts good reviews of itself, they read through it immediately. Customer trust can be gained by this simple rule of being transparent about the reviews your business is getting. It is also effected when you are responding to both the good and bad reviews. Customer service reps who reach out to reviewers present themselves as ones who care about what customers think and also that they are receptive of suggestions and critique.

Offer Live Chats
Majority of customers will look for a support system that offers live chat too i.e. Customer Support Live Chat. This cuts out on the long wait periods that come unwantedly with email or phone service. Live chats on the other hand provide customers the better option to have their queries answered almost immediately. If your business website has a live chat option, customers are more likely to believe that you will be able to connect with them about their problem. Even if they don’t use the chat option, having it on the website is enough to reassure them of help if they need it anytime.

Give Prompt Responses To Inquiries
When a customer poses a questions or voices his concern regarding your product or your services, they expect a quick response and timely resolution. The best possible thing to do to gain their trust for your company is to respond to all inquiries as soon as possible; no customer who is kept waiting and receives no reply will stay for long with your business so, will be less willing to contact or be associated with you for future transactions.

Be Consistent Across The Board
The customer service you provide should always be consistent. Whether a customer contacts you via phone, email, live chat, or social media, each customer service representative should act respectfully and professionally while answering their questions. A customer gets frustrated and confused when different people give different answers to a single question. It may even be taken as an indicator of your own confused understanding of your own product. Consistent performance on the other hand shows customers that their trust in your service will always meet their standards and is not misplaced. Live Chat templates really help to channel consistent responses based upon common customer inquiries. You should take the time to setup a powerful and easy-to-administer Live Chat library of responses.

Admit Mistakes And Fix Them Too
If something goes wrong (even if it is due to customer’s fault), the best path your customer service team can follow is to admit the mistake, address the issue, apologize for the inconvenience faced, and offer solutions to their problems. The plus point in it is that customers will appreciate your dedication to customer satisfaction and will put their trust on you and your team who are taking steps to avoid the issue in future. If a mistake is to occur, these very customers will fall back upon the trust based on previous experiences that the support team will again handle the problem.

Value EACH of Your Customers
More than anything else, let your customers know that you appreciate them. The customer/service relationship is valuable for long-term gains and if customers perceive that you are making an effort to build and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship, they will be more likely to stay in the long run. The customer experience is the top priority of any business, so you need to give them strong reasons to believe you – they have a right to it.

With these major points at the back of your mind, check out Joleado’s live chat for the benefits it can provide you to maintain a stable relationship with your customers.