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Transcript from a conversation with Dan, a Systems Coordinator at a Chevy Dealership

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…From a chat company perspective, it is nice to say, “hey, we got 500 chats yesterday!” but like I have been telling you all along, a chat is nothing more than a basic conversation – until the appointment [or approval, or coupon, or checkout] is set do we know there is commitment.

We have talked about JOLEADO being the next generation of “chat” this is what is so important! You can have 500 chats, like we have said, but if you are not setting appointments if you are not committing the customer out of that situation, in this case, for what we are working with, then the chat meant nothing, I mean, the person got some information, but in the lead funnel, you did not get them to commit.

This is why General Motors is so hell bent on getting the appointment.

Why is JOLEADO different? As a chat company – everybody can do chat. JOLEADO is different because we know what drives sales – with chats, what makes business work in JOLEADO: You’re setting appointments, you’re getting commitment, we’re following up; we’re holding reps accountable.

Feel the energy! Take any common chat and go through the conversation, hey I want to buy, or hey I want to schedule an appointment, you’ll see all this generic chat stuff – then, after all that nothing, open the JOLEADO experience and watch this!

Chat Customer: “Yea, I am interested in this”
Chat Rep: “Oh Great” Let’s go ahead and setup an appointment with our sales person in our store number or dealership 6 at the Chevy Dealership.”
Chat Customer: “Perfect”
Chat Rep: I got you booked with Brian on January 6th for your appointment
Chat Customer: That’s awesome!
Chat Rep: Yea, Brian is looking forward to seeing you.

Bang! Up comes the back office KPI – Appointment set!
So you had 5 chats, you set 4 appointments

And then of course, you have Brian – he had the booked the appointment, he had a show, and he made a sale!

This deal is one example, the deal was done off from live chat – nobody does that except JOLEADO. If you are looking for a sales proven system, of course, you can use JOLEADO as a live chat – but it’s not just live chat, this is the next evolution – we track it, we hold people accountable.

Tell me that is not powerful?!

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