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Big Idea: What if your Live Chat System was a window into your CRM?

September 7th, 2017IN Blog, live chat by

If you are in the market for a Live Chat system, you will want to check-out this 5 minute video.  What if you could tie your Customer Relationship Management software to the live chat experience without ever leaving live chat?

For pre-sales live chat, the reason this is so important, and so easy in JOLEADO is so many live chats fail to close, get lost in the course of poor management systems, or worse – fail to deliver meaningful next steps new customers require to make their buying decision.

For post sales and support, even more important to have an effective tie between your front-end live chat system and back office operations to assure customer satisfaction is targeted and meaningful to the customer.

The big idea around JOLEADO is the JOLEADO CRM powers the live chat engine.  But, it is important to note, using JOLEADO’s powerful integration engine, you do not need to use JOLEADO CRM to take advantage of powering live chat like you’ve never been able to do before.

As a customer, we open the live chat experience.  Then the Rep will accept the chat by clicking on Accept from the back office JOLEADO.

Now in this video, we are going to show both the rep experience on the left AND the customer experience on the right.

The Customer experience will share a discussion with the rep, when the rep desires to add a NOTE or an internal purpose that shakes from live chat.

We call this twitter” CRM!  That is targeting the contact record (CRM) with Next Step, Call, Connect, and Follow-up tasks without ever leaving the live chat experience!

Next step is a brief note that defines the purpose of the incoming visitor.

Note that when we view the customer record, the next step text has been updated immediately from our live chat experience.

Now a call – a call is an attempt without a conversation.

Same point, the contact record is updated immediately.

Connect is a discussion over the phone or in person – the contact record is immediately updated.

A follow-up, is the next date that an action is required.

When we enter the contact record, so LIVE CHAT is over – from the contact record, we see the exact same CRM functions here – as in chat.  This is what we mean when we say the Live Chat is a window into the CRM.

JOLEADO recommends that when you schedule a follow-up date, you also enter a new next step, so on this date, which could be days or weeks later, you know exactly what is needed to action.

Now we review the notes, and notice all of the correspondence we just showed is detailed and gives a full history of the correspondence with the customer – without ever having to click into the contact record – all of this can be done from Live Chat.

You can Add a Traditional lengthy note if necessary, but that is so not-twitter CRM.  And while we are here, in notes, Active

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