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Want to amp up for a strong weekend on the car lot? This widget will help

As Amazon jumps into the used-car sales market, dealerships are looking at more and more ways of doing business, differently and more effectively. Dealerships are embracing JoyDrive and other strategies, but is the buyer prepared to purchase “completely online”? The data suggests, yes, consumers are warming to purchasing their next vehicle completely online. This is no surprise given recent trends in online consumption.

Still, human relationships will not be driven away from the buying process, even if contained inside of a live chat, the introduction to human interaction into your selling process makes or breaks a sale at the crucial moment – the emotional connection to the buyer.

For the car dealership, here are 3 important buying trends that can improve your competitive advantage.

1. Target Your Buyers, Be Strategic
By targeting your specific buyer, dealerships gain personal trust that is crucial when closing those extra cars sold per month that make the difference between a good month and a great month.
2. Welcome the Credit Acceptance Buyer
Here at JOLEADO, we offer a simple chat widget that easily integrates with your website which targets the Credit Acceptance buyer with ease and the ever-important personal touch. Dealerships use the subtle, albeit strategic widget to welcome the Credit Acceptance buyer and assure them that they are welcome with determined ease to get them closed.

  • “What type of vehicle are you looking for today?”
  • “What monthly payment can you afford?”
  • “How much can you put down for a down payment?”
  • “What is your employment status?”

By automatically asking customers relevant to the car buying process, JOLEADO’s chat widget helps your sales team save time and convert more qualified leads.
3. Engage using the human-touch
Over the years, it never ceases to amaze us how even at 2AM, buyers visit one of our dealerships and as they walk through our automated chat widget, they believe they are talking with and building a relationship with a human. Chat offers a unique touch point, the buyer has full-control of the conversation. They can leave at any time, without push-back. Asking qualification questions at the right time, encourages buyers that your dealerships respects their time. And finally, asking for a timely call-back that works for their schedule, not the dealerships, underscores your commitment to them. The result of this simple widget is a relationship, that when coddled appropriately, closes. So, whether you are already selling your targeted used-car quotas or not, featuring the JOLEADO widget on your dealership website will pump up your monthly quotas.

Remember these 3 key points:

  1. 1. Target Your Buyers, Be Strategic
  2. 2. Welcome the Credit Acceptance Buyer
  3. 3. Engage using the human-touch