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When discussing Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), there are often discussions around “the P word” because some developers warry around implying that anything is possible. In a recent New York Times article discussing A.I and earthquake predictions

Well aware of past earthquake prediction failures, scientists are cautious when asked how much progress they have made using A.I. Some in the field refer to prediction as “the P word,” because they do not even want to imply it is possible.

Far be it for me to imply our live chat software can be as consequential as predicting earthquakes, however in business, A.I. Live Chat I would submit is already beginning to hit the market like an earthquake, albeit metaphorically speaking.

Think of live chat as a window into your CRM. With A.I., businesses can push required logic to the chat experience that empowers automation sales reps can use to close more deals. The first decision to make is what will your live chat bot look like during the daytime hours? Then what will be the purpose of your live chat bot in the evening shifts?

WordPress Plugin

To turn on live chat using wordpress plugin free, the JOLEADO plugin is available from your WP add plug-in directory, simply search for JOLEADO. Once your profiles are determined, login credentials are sent via email. The system comes with defaults for live chat that are preset, and there are training videos to provide an overview of what to do when a live chat comes in. A suggested start would be here and here.

This will setup your preset Live Chat defaults. You can immediately begin to accept chats from your website. JOLEADO Live Chat will sustain your online experience nicely.

But how will JOLEADO Live Chat software work to grow your business?

Often referred to as Conversational Marketing, the ideal description for the desired user experience, the purpose is to guide the chat experience through a series of required information to build customer profiles, to quote, schedule a meeting, provide incentives, and even checkout.

Build Customer Profiles

This strategy can work both for live chat (human) or automated live chat (bot), you begin by greeting the online visitor, then prompting them as if in a conversation, like “Can you provide your phone number for me?” “Which location would you prefer, we have 80 to choose from” or “Which product are you interested in?” This is a much different chat experience, as all responses are conversational, direct and yes, databased to the contact record.

wordpress live chat plugin free

What this means is you’re not just chatting with a prospective client, you are getting closer to doing business with them – this is a game changer.

Generate a Quote

One of the evening options is to generate a quote and even send to the prospect before your sales team wakes up in the morning. Great for businesses who need to qualify a bit of information before able to quote – JOLEADO Live Chat can steer the requirements, and then present your prospect with a quote – all through the live chat conversational marketing bot.

Schedule a Meeting

JOLEADO Live Chat can book appointments to your calendar, also serve your customers and prospects by offering them a method to reschedule – all inside live chat. This convenience provides reps the opportunity to close more business while JOLEADO manages their calendar. Additionally, for consultants, scheduling a 1-hour discovery meeting for a fee can be a great lead generator. Using live chat to make your introduction secures the booking and reduces no shows.

Promotional Incentives

On average, the digital coupon redemption rate is approximately 77% significantly higher than print coupons. Offering coupons upon conclusion of your conversion inside of the chat session builds rapport and generates a higher closing ratio.


Nothing underscores the attitude of a lead than a paying customer. When money exchanges hands, you have a committed customer. Different than eCommerce, Live Chat commerce engages and closes at the personal level.

Build your call-to-action to drive a specific and targeted lead. One that has purpose for taking action like “Schedule 1-hour w/our Lead Engineer Now!” “Get Approved for $5,000” “Open an Account Right Now!” All of these can determine the requirements to build a quote and then invoice and accept payment all through the single live chat experience. The result is a transformation of your website from a transactional presence to a conversational relationship using an automated live chat, JOLEADO.