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You have a new lead…

April 3rd, 2019IN Advertising, Blog, live chat by

In the world of eCommerce, live chat software takes a familiar shape. During reasonable business hours, you type in your question “do these come in blue” and a human response responds generally in under 10 seconds. Thus, live chat software has exploded in the last several years because it satisfies the instant response we expect from the web. Similarly, we can ask Siri what the weather is going to be like tomorrow. Or if your favorite team won today and on and on. Instant gratification, exceptional customer service.

But what if your business requires validation? Meaning, what if your salesperson must validate the question to their calendar for a scheduled event? Or what if a request for quote requires an approval or an opportunity for upselling? Or an instant approval for an application submittal? We ask these questions to determine a fundamental question:

What is the basis for “a new lead”?

Is a new lead an email? A phone number? Or even a down payment? As sales managers we define our daily progress validating metrics for volume of leads as the barometer for the corresponding number of sales. The more calls, the more sales. The more quotes, the more sales. The more appointments, the more sales. As the theory goes, reach the required volume of new leads and you consequently satisfy the equation for determined number of sales.

How can software help? The history of evolution of software to aid in the required volume of new leads to satisfy the new customer metrics is staggering. In the 1950’s, sales professionals were pen, paper and often a car. But there was something authentic around this rugged approach which made sales more human, more real – but perhaps less volume, hence the consequence of restrictive conditioning.

“Peoople buy from people” – there is no question that in prior decades, this was true. It is worth asking, in today’s world of software, is this bedrock approach still relevant? As generations begin to drift from our human approach to relationship selling, the consideration for a hybrid approach – the explosive volume software provides vs the human response buyers respond to – when embraced offers the more powerful metric, repeat business, referral business, “gee, there was something about doing business with your company that made me feel like doing it again” business

Live Chat Software offers businesses the opportunity to build relationship with a salesperson at 3AM. This conversational approach is unique and can drive a lead deeper into the sales funnel for reps to quote more, set more appointments, or simply provide a touch point that engages leads to close without the risk of seeming too robotic. This is especially true for service related businesses, but can and should be considered for all types of sales approaches. Relating to your leads or repeat customers in an easy and conversational way provides the gateway into generating a highly satisfied customer who buys from your business over and over again – refers your business to others, or even just recalls your businesses name in conversation with others. Conversation is the bedrock of business.